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    Pacific LED gen5

    Made for harsh conditions in industrial and parking applications

    Optimal performance for demanding environments

    For industry and parking areas, a top-class lighting system that ticks all the right boxes is essential. With potential stresses like humidity, extreme temperatures, sparks and chemical fumes, a robust solution is vital. But it should also provide the right lighting at the right moment, to ensure operations can be carried out in a safe manner. Then there are the financial considerations. It should be easy to install and maintain, harness energy efficiencies, and offer an attractive TCO. All while meeting the greenest of environmental targets.

    6 reasons why pacific LED gen5 is the right choice

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    It can be used in even the most demanding areas of your building

    Pacific LED gen5 is suitable for a wide range of (heavy) industrial applications. The luminaires have a robust and compact product architecture, with high water and dust protection (IP66), combined with a high degree of mechanical protection (IK08).
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    It connects to the cloud to optimize maintenance and energy savings

    Pacific LED gen5 is connectable and allows for system integration with Interact Industry. This opens up additional opportunities for optimized efficiency, energy savings, improved light management, productivity, and safety.
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    It creates a safe and healthy working environment

    Pacific LED gen5 luminaires offer high uniformity, glare control and artefact free light distributions. The portfolio offers an extensive lumen output (up to 15000 lumen) and optics choice, combined with high quality chemical resistant materials.
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    It saves on energy and maintenance costs

    The portfolio is proven to be highly energy efficient and offers luminaires with a long lifetime: up to 160 lm/W and lifetime up to 100,000 hours L80. This, combined with hassle-free installation and maintenance, ensures you enjoy an attractive TCO.
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    Easy to install and maintain

    Installation is quick, easy and offers flexibility in terms of number of installation and connectors choices. What’s more, the modular approach and access to Service Tag app, makes it easy to service and replace parts, which reduces maintenance costs.
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    Designed for the circular economy

    Pacific LED gen5 is the best environmental choice. Not only does it offer a long and reliable lifetime with high efficacy, it is also designed complete serviceability and future upgradability, taking into account connected system integration.

    Excellent quality of light for industry and parking

    Pacific LED gen5 is the ideal choice for several industrial application areas


    Thanks to its robust character, connectable options and compliance with industry regulations, Pacific LED gen5 is the ideal choice for several industrial application areas such as warehouses, food and pharma, discrete manufacturing, and chemicals and heavy industry.
    Pacific LED gen5 for parking areas


    Excellent visibility is key; good light helps people drive safely and gives them a feeling of safety and security.To avoid driver confusion and enhance safety, the lighting quality needs to be high without any striping or zebra effects. It should enable drivers to easily find a vacant space, park smoothly, and find the exit.

    Pacific can be easily integrated into an Interact connected lighting installation

    Pacific LED gen5
    Interact connected lighting system makes it easier than ever to enjoy the benefits of smart lighting. It’s a cost-efficient and wireless solution for every step of your smart lighting journey: starting with just lights and an app, while gaining more benefits by simply adding a gateway. The system is fully scalable, so it’s always possible to upgrade later when business requirements change, without the need to replace light points – allowing to upgrade a lighting from smart to super-smart.