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    Transform your store and fashion collection into a striking retail experience with Philips LED flavors. Discover signature lighting that brings out the best in every product and application area, so whites become brighter, blacks crisper, color more vibrant and denim more distinctive. With LED flavors you can create an immersive retail experience that customers won’t want to leave.

    led flavors

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    Discover how choosing the right LED flavors for your collection make the right impression and express your brand’s individuality.

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    LED flavors


    Make a brand statement with lighting that brings out the brilliance of your store and product range.

    Philips LED flavors show products in the best possible light, making whites look brighter, blacks deeper and colours more vibrant.

    With an array of luminaire spectrums and designs available, you can create exactly the effect you want while effortlessly harmonizing with the décor of your store.

    What’s your brand’s flavor? 

    Standard 930

    Apply warm colors and soft whites to create a gentle, welcoming atmosphere and discover how you can be creative yet cost-effective.


    Premium White

    The new benchmark in retail fashion, delivering stronger whites via the best technology in the market, but with minimal compromise on energy savings.


    Crisp White

    Dial-up the drama of your display. Highlight the variances in white tones, add contrast to blacks, and create a real sparkle effect whilst retaining warm skin tones.


    Premium Color

    Enhance the contrast between colors and whites, and achieve new depths of color for a more saturated, vibrant fashion experience that won’t affect the background, but will have a positive effect on energy effciency.



    Highlight the difference between denim color – even washed-out denim – and faded material, without affecting the surrounding ambience of your store.

    Jef Montes collection dazzles London’s fashionistas with fabrics designed to interact with Crisp White LEDs


    Montes’ collection was specially designed for Philips Lighting to showcase the possibilities of white LED retail lighting, with spectacular effects.


    Throughout his career, Montes has been fascinated by light memory materials and the reflection of light on different surfaces and for this collection he studied how light interacts with his designs. Inspired by Philips Crisp White retail lighting, Montes’ Illuminosa & Velero collection uses materials such as fiberglass and nylon to create striking reflections of light on the garments.


    “Light plays an important factor in making my collections and white light is extremely important to achieve the right effect,” said Dutch fashion design, Jef Montes. “The white LED light from Philips Crisp White creates interesting light reflections on the materials with the lines of the outfits clearly distinguished by the white light.”


    The collection was first unveiled at House of Fraser’s London flagship store on Oxford Street, and will also be on show at the Lighting and Building show in Frankfurt in March. House of Fraser has chosen Crisp White for an international multistore rollout which already includes five UK stores and will be followed by store openings in China.

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