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    Transform your workplace with a wireless lighting system

    Take control of your lighting 

    SpaceWise is an easy to use, flexible, wireless lighting system which allows you to:


    • Create customized light zones in your office space  
    • Achieve high savings through LED technology and different dimming options
    • Increase employee comfort through better quality of light and option to personalize light settings 


    Customize the lighting settings in your office with SpaceWise

    SpaceWise benefits at a glance

    Energy-efficient lighting with presence detection reduces energy costs
    Save on energy

    Saves energy, cuts costs

    LED luminaires and embedded sensors reduce energy usage by up to 70%. Automatic dimming ensures you only pay for lighting when and where it is needed.

    Save on energy

    Provides visual comfort

    Set lighting levels to keep employees happy, productive and feeling safe.

    Save on energy

    Easy to install

    Plug-and-play setup makes installation hassle-free. As a stand-alone system, there’s no need for any network, computer or light-meter.

    Save on energy


    Philips’ configuration app provides total flexibility: you can easily alter sensor configuration patterns and reconfigure lighting groups or individual luminaires to meet your needs.

    Save on energy

    Protect the planet, increases asset value

    Sustainable LED technology doesn’t just help the environment – it helps keep you compliant and you may qualify for Green Building Certification credits.

    How SpaceWise works


    With dwell time feature, SpaceWise allows you to create customized lighting zones in your open plan office. 

    SpaceWise package

    In a simple package SpaceWise offers long-life, high quality and aesthetically attractive LED lighting, combined with flexible wireless controllers and a simple, easy to use commissioning app.


    An integral part of this package is the SlimBlend LED luminaire family. The luminaire range enhances your workplace, delivering a high quality of light and attractive design. Each luminaire has an integrated daylight sensor which shares occupancy information over the wireless network. The daylight sensor ensures that the right amount of light is delivered at the workspace when employees are present, ensuring visual comfort.


    Customize the lighting settings in your office with SpaceWise

    Services for SpaceWise

    lifecycle services

    Lifecycle Services

    Protect your office’s investment with a tailor-made service package from Philips Lighting that ensures long-lasting performance and hassle-free operation.

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