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    PerfectScene sales area


    Engaging LED shop lighting

    Create an amazing store experience

    Today’s successful retailers are creating stores that ignite instant brand affinity and recognition. They’re also dialing up the surprise factor to stay relevant and keep shoppers coming back. PerfectScene sales area lets you use the power of shop lighting to do all this and more.


    Our advanced LED luminaires and panels can be combined in unlimited ways to create a unique light signature and brand experience. You can also set up special lighting effects to highlight new collections, guide shoppers to new products, and maximize sales

    PerfectScene sales area benefits at a glance

    Philips Lighting’s PerfectScene sales area provides superb light for fashion boutiques and other retail environments
    Save on energy

    Tell your brand story

    Create your own light signature by combining fixtures, light elements and light flavors to align your store’s interior design with your brand.

    Save on energy

    Become a destination store

    Appeal to shoppers with lighting that guides them as they shop and helps increase dwell time.

    Save on energy

    Refresh your look instantly

    Change sales area lighting to suit the season, highlight holidays or your social conscious, for example, by going pink on Breast Cancer Awareness Day.

    Save on energy

    Support your staff to sell more

    Make selling easier with superior quality shop lighting that engages shoppers and makes clothes look their best.

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