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    Cloud-hosted dynamic lighting management

    Cloud control 

    Managing dynamic architectural lighting installations shouldn’t require your presence. ActiveSite is a secure system that lets you control lighting operations and update lighting shows and effects remotely, using any standard networked device such as your smart phone, tablet or computer. Data flow between the browser, ActiveSite server and ActiveSite gateway is encrypted and secure.


    With this cloud-hosted connected lighting system, you can remotely monitor, manage and maintain your Color Kinetics LED lighting installations. Facility managers, lighting designers and technicians have access to real-time data on lighting performance, and can quickly diagnose issues from a remote device to avoid downtime and unnecessary site visits.

    ActiveSite keeps your site vibrant and relevant. | Dynamic architectural lighting of the monument.

    ActiveSite benefits at a glance

    ActiveSite provides remote monitoring of Philips Color Kinetics lighting installations in the cloud
    Save on energy

    Securely control lighting installations

    Manage, monitor and maintain architectural lighting at multiple sites from a single dashboard from any networked device.

    Save on energy

    Create an original brand experience through dynamic architectural light shows

    Refresh your light effects from anywhere by uploading and activating new light shows remotely from any standard networked PC, smartphone or tablet.

    Save on energy

    Reduce maintenance costs 

    Remote diagnostics, historical analysis and reporting allow you to diagnose faults remotely and proactively.

    Save on energy

    Monitor performance easily

    Monthly reports, daily email alerts and digital record-keeping for all light points keep you informed on energy consumption, light quality and performance.

    What’s possible with ActiveSite

    ActiveSite is a cloud-hosted software as a service (SaaS) control system for Color Kinetics LED lighting installations. 

    How it works

    ActiveSite works by connecting your lighting sytem to the ActiveSite gateway and your remote device via the cloud. Using a standard internet connection, you can monitor and manage the lighting, view historical performance data, and configure new or replacement luminaires from anywhere in the world. 
    ActiveSite is a cloud-hosted software as a service (SaaS) control system for Philips Color Kinetics LED lighting installations.
    ActiveSite enables remote monitoring for your connected lighting system on any authorized computer or tablet

    ActiveSite dashboard

    Monitor and control your lighting installation on any authorized computer or tablet via a standard internet connection. Using historical analysis generate charts and reports that offer unprecedented insight into system operations
    Create a secure connected lighting system without additional software or servers using the ActiveSite gateway

    ActiveSite gateway

    The ActiveSite gateway ensures your connected lighting system is secure with encrypted HTTPS communications to the ActiveSite web application and ActiveSite server. Based on SSL/TLS security, ActiveSite uses long-term public and secret keys to further encrypt data flow between the client and server.
    lifecycle services

    Lifecycle Services for Activesite

    Get hassle-free operation and optimized performance for your lighting infrastructure, protecting your long-term investment and making your installation more attractive.

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