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    Mr. "True Blue"

    You and innovation go together like coffee and mornings. And when it comes to enjoying the latest technical solutions and features, you don’t have a problem with spending a little more. Your love of innovation is only matched by your brand loyalty. You stick with what you know and what has never let you down. Your motto: never change a winning team, and that team is you and your solutions.

    Discover everything a real Mr. "True Blue" needs

    Ready for the future

    Ready for the future with Interact Ready


    Interact Ready is the right choice for all those who demand the latest in connected lighting technology and software. Together with the Interact Pro dashboard and app, it’s just one more reason to work with the partner who helps you do your best work.

    Future ready means Interact Ready

    With Philips Interact Ready and Interact Pro, you have all the innovative solutions your need to provide your customers with jaw-dropping lighting technology. Have a look and get inspired!

    Philips CoreLine: Efficiency never looked so good


    The CoreLine from Philips proves that cost-effective can come with captivating looks and functions. Whether it’s long-life performance, savings, easy installation or seamless connectivity to the Interact Pro App and dashboard, the CoreLine from Philips has it all.

    CoreLine Video Image

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