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        Product family information

        Philips MileWide LED Gen2, developed together with Holscher Design, is the latest generation of our highly popular MileWide lighting family that features a range of dedicated masts and brackets. The pure, clean design of MileWide LED Gen2 integrates perfectly with the cityscapes of today and tomorrow. Available in two sizes, BPP435 (small) and BPP436 (large), this MileWide pole light will bring a touch of elegance and fluidity to any urban application (side entry versions: BRP435 and BRP436). Thanks to its advanced LED engine, and use of application-tailored optics, MileWide LED Gen2 delivers outstanding quality of light and light performance, enabling significant energy savings, yet still providing perfectly uniform light on the road. The luminaire is available with one or two Zhaga-D4i (ZD4i) System Ready (SR) sockets, which makes the luminaire future ready. This means MileWide LED Gen2 is ready to pair with advanced controls and lighting software applications such as Interact, or sensors such as the Philips Outdoor Sensor Bundle (OSB). Furthermore, each MileWide LED Gen2 luminaire is uniquely identifiable, thanks to the Signify Service tag app. By simply scanning a QR code, placed inside the door of the mast or directly on the luminaire, you can instantly access the configuration of the luminaire. This makes maintenance and programing operations faster and easier, and enables you to create a digital library of lighting assets and spare parts.


        Clear identity enhanced by dedicated poles and brackets to create distinctive styles (total solution)
        Visual comfort and high quality, comfortable lighting experiences in urban spaces with multiple geometries
        Future-ready with Zhaga-D4i SR sockets to connect with Interact controls and sensors
        Service tag for easy installation and maintenance


        Large choice of beams (30+ optics) and internal louvers
        Choice of color temperatures and color rendering for different ambiences: 2200K, 2700K, 3000K and 4000K
        Efficacy up to 159 lm/W
        Lifetime up to 100,000 hours @L95 B10
        5-year standard warranty (option to extend up to 10 years)


        Traffic routes, motorways, and main access roads (large)
        Urban and residential areas (large and small)
        Cycle paths, footpaths, and pedestrian crossings (small)
        Car parks (small)
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