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        Product family information

        The original Copenhagen luminaire was co-designed with Copenhagen’s Office of City Architecture in the 1960s with the aim of enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the city through lighting. This timeless luminaire design comes in two types: Copenhagen City LED Gen2 is for city and residential areas where light comfort is important; Copenhagen LED Gen2 delivers high performance for road lighting applications. The second generation of Copenhagen City LED offers a very comfortable light distribution with minimum glare, enabled by a round LED engine, which follows the shape of the luminaire. The opal canopy option provides even more ways to enhance the impact of lighting. It is also perfect for city branding as it can be used to create both static and dynamic uplight with any color of light. The luminaire comes with a variety of suspensions and optics, offering maximum freedom in lighting design for downtown and residential area applications. It is also available with one or two Zhaga-D4i (ZD4i) System Ready (SR) sockets, which makes the luminaire future ready. This means Copenhagen City LED Gen2 is ready to pair with advanced control and lighting software applications such as Interact, or sensors such as the Philips Outdoor Sensor Bundle (OSB). And because the top SR socket is integrated into the canopy, it has no impact on the beautiful, clean design of the luminaire. Furthermore, every Copenhagen City LED Gen2 BRS761, BRS762 and BRS763 luminaire is uniquely identifiable, thanks to the Signify Service tag app. By simply scanning a QR code, placed inside the door of the mast or directly on the luminaire, you can instantly access the configuration of the luminaire. This makes maintenance and programing operations faster and easier and enables you to create a digital library of lighting assets and spare parts.


        Unique aesthetic design with perfect LED integration and excellent finishing
        Very comfortable lighting with lifted LED engine, round shape, and optional satin diffuser
        City branding possibilities via static and dynamic uplight options in choice of colors
        Future-ready with Zhaga-D4i SR sockets to connect with Interact controls and sensors
        Service tag for easy installation and maintenance


        3 sizes to fit all mounting heights (small, large, and mega) and possibilities: side entry, post-top, catenary, or central fixing
        Choice of color temperatures and color rendering for different ambiences: 2200K, 2700K, 3000K and 4000K
        Efficacy up to 157 lm/W
        Marine salt protection
        5-year standard warranty (option to extend up to 10 years)


        Major city roads (mega and large versions)
        Downtown, city center streets (large)
        Residential streets, car parks, pedestrian places, and parks (small)
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