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        Product family information

        The beautiful Philips CitySwan LED Gen3 luminaire was designed by Danish architects Bjarne Schläger and Morten Weeke Borup. The simple shape is designed around an ellipse. With minimal materials, clean lines and a white opal ‘lampshade’, CitySwan LED Gen3 offers discreet, yet visible, presence in any city environment. At night, patented glowing light technology highlights the design of the luminaire and illuminates streets and spaces with soft, functional light that is completely at peace with its surroundings. CitySwan LED Gen3 can also be used to create colorful light moods to emphasize local identity or give urban spaces an innovative setting. This distinctive and elegant Urban Styling solution has a choice of mounting options including pole or suspended. It is also available as a wall-mounted luminaire and a bollard. The third generation of CitySwan LED integrates our latest round LED board for best-in-class performance and a wide range of color temperatures. It can also be configured with the System Ready (SR) driver, and one or two Zhaga-D4i (ZD4i) SR sockets. This makes it possible to connect the luminaire via our Interact proposition and add sensors using the bottom socket. The accessibility of CitySwan LED Gen3 has also been improved for even easier maintenance. Furthermore, every CitySwan LED Gen3 BPS639 luminaire is uniquely identifiable, thanks to the Signify Service tag app. By simply scanning a QR code, placed inside the door of the mast or directly on the luminaire, you can instantly access the configuration of the luminaire. This makes maintenance and programing operations faster and easier, and enables you to create a digital library of lighting assets and spare parts.


        Award-winning design with a unique aesthetic and perfect LED integration
        Patented glowing lighting technology for color-based guidance or communication
        One integrated concept for luminaires, brackets, and poles
        Future-ready with Zhaga-D4i SR sockets to connect with Interact controls and sensors
        Service tag for easy installation and maintenance


        Choice of 2 designs and many mounting options: side entry, post-top, catenary, or central fixing
        LEDGINE inside, state-of-the-art, future-proof LED technology
        Choice of color temperatures and color rendering for different ambiences: 2200K, 2700K, 3000K and 4000K
        Efficacy up to 156 lm/W
        Marine salt protection
        5-year standard warranty (option to extend up to 10 years)


        Downtown, city center streets, roundabouts
        Residential streets, minor roads, car parks
        Pedestrian places, cycle paths and parks
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