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        Product family information

        A balanced, classic design, in combination with the latest and highly efficient future ready-connectable technology make CityClassic gen2 a real and decorative asset for any urban lighting application.By use of LED technology, todays luminaires reach very high energy and optical efficacy. With the introduction of CityClassic gen2, Philips brings you diversity and flexibility in design and functionality.In functionality by use of the Philips standardized Ledgine-Optimised platform with fluxes ranging from 600 up to 6500 Lm, a choice of over 30 optics and distributions and different CRIs and CCTs that leads to fantastic performance and visual comfort and incorporates future ready connected options packaged in a balanced classic design. Through CityClassic Plus gen2 there also is the option to use the unique Philips ClearGuide LED platform as a modern and decorative interpretation of the so familiar, horizontal lamp in louver stack, cylinder type lantern, so appreciated over time.Also dedicated Dark Sky versions, with low ULR requirements, are available as well.The family is set up in a modular way. There are two sizes, large and small, each with their matching size large canopy. But both can also be chosen without this large canopy as Torch version. Also, combinations with a selection of mast and brackets from the Philips catalogue can be made. Mix and match to suit the application in mind.Installation is very simple by use of an IP rated plug-socket connector in the spigot. For ease of service and maintenance, or for future upgrade to for example connected, the gear cover can be taken off, toolless by use of two stainless steel clips. The gear-tray itself can be removed easy by loosening two, toolless to loosen, captive screws. By removing the gear-tray, either the high lighting comfort GentleBeam bowl and/or the BL2 backlight shielding louver can be (retro)fitted easy and quick.


        Balanced, timeless classic design.
        Visual lighting comfort versions available.
        Easy to install, toolless opening and closing of the lantern.
        Philips ServiceTag.
        Optimised Dark Sky version to meet very low ULR requirements.


        Energy and optical efficient LED technology with options to add diffuse GentleBeam comfort bowl and/or BL2 obtrusive backlight louver.
        Future ready-connectable option through Zhaga socket.
        Philips standardised Ledgine-O LED platform, including wide range of optics to suit virtually any application or decorative ClearGuide LED platform.


        Residential streets.
        Urban areas such as squares, parks and plazas.
        Promenades, walkways, or cycle paths.
        Shopping areas.
        Office or industrial estates.
        Software Plugins
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