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        Product family information

        The Philips Tango LED floodlighting provides a complete lighting solution for the most complex area of recreational & sports lighting applications. The floodlight comes with a single piece die cast aluminum housing with inbuilt potted driver & an external surge protection device. It reduces energy consumption, meets the highest performance standards, provides outstanding light quality, maintains uniformity and ensures safety and visual comfort. Tango LED offers a reduction in the total cost of ownership, has outstanding energy efficiency, is sleek & elegant in design, has dedicated optics for different applications such as Apron, ports and docks, and recreational sports facilities. Powered by LED technology, this luminaire delivers superior lighting performance and a longer lifetime, bringing area lighting to a whole new level. The floodlight is also compatible with other external control systems through DALI, 1-10V, and connected SR driver.


        Offering a solution for large variety of lighting needs from Recreational Sports, Aprons, Ports/Harbor to area lighting application on Roads and streets by providing a variety of optics used in the range.
        Fast payback and low Total Cost of Ownership with energy savings and min. maintenance costs
        Higher efficacy provides better Total cost of opportunity to users
        Perfect for replacing conventional technology retaining the same electrical installation and poles
        Increase safety and comfort by good quality of light
        Reduce CO2 emissions, light pollution and create a sustainable image


        HID lamp replacement for 2x250W Solution
        Enables you to choose the exact lighting level you want, thanks to a wide range of LED boards and drivers
        High Pressure Die Cast aluminum material, with Integrated optics
        Higher system efficiency up to 120 lm/W
        High Cut @ 325 ± 15V & Auto Restart
        440V Protection for 8 Hrs. (Phase to Phase)
        Future Proof Drivers (Comes with 1-10V Dimming)
        Reduces energy consumption by up to 50% versus conventional HID static light
        Wide choice of new optics  such as Narrow beam, Asymmetrical medium beam, Asymmetrical wide beam, Symmetrical medium beam and Symmetrical wide beam, sets ensures maximum application coverage and provides a solution for dealing with obtrusive light
        Three size for greater diversity of Lumen packages, from 18K to 23 k lm
        LED configuration patterns suitable for a wide range of lighting solutions, considering compatibility
        with efficient optical systems to perfectly meet the required application
        Fins on the back are designed to ensure good heat dissipation; they create airflow around the housing to prevent dirt from settling on the luminaire
        IP66 level of protection against water and dust
        The 10KV/KA Surge Protection Device (SPD)
        Exposed lens to withstand shocks; its protection rating is IK08
        1000hrs marine salt painting. Optional coatings available for extra protection in harsh environments such as salt atmospheres (harbors etc.)
        Gear cover designs with Screws, which greatly help to reduce the installation and maintenance time, increase the working efficiency and good user experience.
        Easy to install and perfect for replacing conventional light-points as it uses the same electrical installation and poles


        Recreation sports lighting
        Harbor/Ports lighting
        Yard lighting
        Area lighting
        Apron Lighting
        Parking Lots
        Interchanges and Junctions lighting

        Warning & Safety

        Meant for Outdoor Applications.
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