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        Product family information

        One of the main characteristics of the Ocean family range, part of Philips’ UrbanStyling approach, is the total solution it offers municipalities, landscape architects, urban planners and lighting designers. Urban enhancement can only be achieved when both the luminaires and their supports form part of an integrated concept. To this end, the Ocean family includes a range of dedicated poles and brackets which are consistent with the visual style of the Ocean Road LED and Ocean Ambiance LED luminaires.


        Wide choice of combinations of poles, brackets and luminaires to suit different urban settings
        Consistent design signature across the city


        Perfect integration of Ocean luminaires with dedicated poles and brackets
        Family look across the complete set of pole, bracket and luminaire


        Roads and streets
        Parks and plazas
        City centers
        Product family details
        • JRP708 (Ocean CD bracket)
        • YHB708 (Ocean ambiance steel poles)
        • YHW708 (Ocean ambiance wood poles)
        • YHB709 (Ocean Road steel poles)
        • YHW709 (Ocean Road wood poles)
        • ZCM708 (Ocean Bench)
        • ZCM709 (Ocean Bench with luminous arch)
        • JRP708 (Ocean CD bracket): aluminum
        • YHB708 (Ocean ambiance steel poles): steel
        • YHW708 (Ocean ambiance wood poles): wood
        • YHB709 (Ocean Road steel poles): steel
        • YHW709 (Ocean Road wood poles): wood
        • ZCM708 (Ocean Bench): steel
        • ZCM709 (Ocean Bench with luminous arch): steel
        • Philips ultra-dark grey (close to RAL7043)
        • Satin silver grey (close to RAL9006)
        • Other RAL and AKZO Futura colors available on request
        • JRP708 (Ocean CD bracket) has to be mounted on conical pole Ø 60 mm
        • JRP708 (Ocean CD bracket) has a direct mounting with BRP708 by two M8 stainless steel socket countersunk screws
        • YHB709 (Ocean Road steel poles) can be mounted with either BRP708 (Ocean Road Led luminaires) or with CitySoul gen2 luminaires
        • Recommended mounting height JRP708 (Ocean CD bracket): 4-9 m
        • Poles height range:
        • Ocean Road poles: from 5 up to 9 m
        • Ocean Ambiance poles: from 4 up to 5 m
        • Pre-cabled option possible for JRP708 (CD bracket)
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