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        Take the energy-saving capabilities of your lighting solutions to a whole new level with Philips EcoSet basic control system. This sensor solution is designed to deliver simple, reliable and affordable energy savings while further improving your energy sustainability. From offices and parking to industrial applications, Philips EcoSet basic control system comes in different versions to meet your exact needs – from plug and play to wired or wire free. It works by upgrading your conventional or LED luminaires with all the features of a basic controlled solution. So you can benefit from energy savings based on factors like movement detection, daylight harvesting, or group lighting control. Philips EcoSet basic control sensors are also simple to install, commission and maintain. Putting you in complete control of reliable and affordable energy savings from your existing lighting solutions.


        Simple system architecture for a broad range of options – wired or wireless; with integrated or external sensors
        Designed to save energy
        Create a network with zero effort thanks to plug and play options
        Effortless commissioning


        Movement and daylight detection
        Automatic dimming function and grouping control
        Solutions include: one-touch commissioning version, wireless commission-free option, and simple commission thru remote controller.
        Up to 50 nodes in one network for an wireless office or warehouse.


        All indoor applications
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