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    InstantFit (UL Type-A) T5

    Philips InstantFit (UL Type-A) T5 family of lamps is DLC listed and delivers even light output, proven energy savings, and a long average lifetime.

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    InstantFit (UL Type-A) T5
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        Product family information

        The InstantFit TLED lamps provide hassle-free installation with simple lamp-for-lamp replacements. They deliver what we promise, with at least 40% energy savings, flicker-free performance, and the life you would expect .Other lamps claim compatibility but only InstantFit (UL Type-A) has been proven to work with over 200 ballasts and drivers, delivering even light output, with proven energy savings and a long average lifetime. End users will be delighted being under these comfortable and high quality InstantFit lamps with no visible flicker and optimized optics. Energy managers will enjoy the InstantFit lamps too as they can count the savings delivered by our lamps. To enjoy more energy savings, the InstantFit lamps can be paired with the Advance TLED drivers to create a Type C system.


        Minimize first-year costs
        Light quality and performance predictability providing consistent light output and no flicker which results in satisfied customers and no wasted time redoing a job.


        InstantFit lamps work with over 200 ballasts and drivers, more than any other lamp so you know they will perform as expected and prevent rework.
        Proven over 40% energy savings compared to traditional fluorescent lighting
        Lifetime delivered: Average life rating of 50,000 hours


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