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        Product family information

        CoreLine waterproof delivers on the CoreLine promise of innovative, easy-to-use and high-quality luminaires. CoreLine waterproof products can directly replace traditional waterproof luminaires with fluorescent lamps ranging from 18W up to 58W. With its slim and stylish design, it continues to keep its well-known and appreciated architecture. Installation is quick and easy, all thanks to its efficient design. CoreLine waterproof provides better wide-beam light distribution for straightforward and effective lighting. Interact Ready luminaires with integrated wireless communications are also available in this range, ready to be used with Interact gateways, sensors and software.


        Energy savings and longer lifetime to reduce operating costs
        Robust design enabling smarter, simpler and faster installation
        Uniform, wide-beam light distribution, which supports easy and attractive lighting design


        Energy efficient and long lifetime: up to 140lm/W and 50khrs L75 lifetime
        Many options available: L600/1200/1500, up to 8000lm, 4000K
        Smart product architecture with electrical and mechanical design supporting ease and flexibility of installation (longer sliders, faster lock opening, toolless electrical connections)
        Optional controls and versions available: DALI, Integrated wireless connectivity (Interact Ready), Sensors (MDU), Emergency Lighting (EL), waterproof external connector for easier installation (WEC), through wiring (TW)


        Parking Garages
        General lighting

        Warning & Safety

        UV radiation will damage the material over time resulting in loss of waterproof sealing and IP65 rating.
        Do not install the luminaire on locations where it is exposed to direct sunlight.
        • Family - full data sheet Localized commercial leaflet PDF 952.9 kB
        • Additional literature The Philips CoreLine segment brochure highlights products and application areas of the CoreLine family range and gives information on specs and benefits. This is the single-page interactive version. PDF 2.2 MB
        • Additional literature Flyer for the new Philips CoreLine waterproof, including product benefits, features, technical data and specifications. PDF 598.4 kB
        Software Plugins
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        Product family details
        Ambient Temperature
        • -20 to +35 °C
        • -20 to +40 °C
        • 0 to +25 °C
        • No, wireless Dim, yes
        • Power supply unit (Power supply unit)
        • Power supply unit with DALI interface (Power supply unit with DALI interface)
        Initial correlated color temperature
        • 3000 K, 4000 K, 6500 K
        Initial input power
        • 15 W, 16 W, 20.5 W, 21 W, 21.5 W, 22 W, 24.3 W, 24.5 W, 25 W, 25.5 W, 26 W, 27 W, 28.5 W, 28.6 W, 29 W, 29.5 W, 30 W, 30.5 W, 31 W, 33 W, 34 W, 35 W, 42.9 W, 43 W, 44 W, 45 W, 45.5 W, 48.5 W, 49 W, 50 W, 57.1 W, 60 W, 61 W, 63 W
        Initial luminous flux
        • 1800 lm, 1900 lm, 2500 lm, 2700 lm, 3100 lm, 3400 lm, 3700 lm, 4000 lm, 5500 lm, 5700 lm, 6000 lm, 6500 lm, 7500 lm, 8000 lm
        • Bracket:
        • Housing: polycarbonate
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