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        Product family information

        Today's retail destinations are all about creating experiences that attract and retain customers. StoreSet adds atmosphere to your store by introducing contrast and breaking up the traditional continuous lines of light. A variety of beam shapes, combined with excellent light quality, ensures your merchandise has great stand out, at the same time as enabling you to create a variety of different ambiences. Each StoreSet panel is lightweight and can be easily connected to power tracks or a Maxos fusion backbone. Installation is straightforward, and if your needs change, you can simply adapt the lighting by repositioning the panels and luminaires along the track or trunk. This makes StoreSet a truly flexible, non-linear tool for creating store ambiences that sell.


        Customized store ambiences with a high-flux luminaires and flexible positioning to suit any store layout
        Excellent quality of light combined with a wide range of high-efficiency optics and various color recipes
        Future-proof solution that adapts to new store layouts or system enhancements
        Easy to install and connect


        Wide range of beams with OptiSuit optics available
        3C track (SM505T), Maxos fusion backbones (SM505S) or recessed installation (RC505B
        Efficient solution: up to 170 lumen per Watt (XA version)
        Lightweight plastic construction
        Controls: Wired (DALI) and wireless connectivity, indoor positioning options available to enable our connected systems Interact for Retail and Interact Pro
        Color quality choices: standard, CRI90 and PremiumWhite


        Food and Large Retailers

        Warning & Safety

        The canopy and optical surfaces must only ever be cleaned with a lint-free cloth and without detergents.
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        Software plugins
        Product family details
        • SM505T (track version)
        • SM505S (trunking version, connection to Maxos Fusion)
        • RC505B (recessed version)
        Ceiling type
        • Exposed- and symmetrical concealed T-bar ceiling (RC505B version)
        Light source
        • Non-replaceable LED module
        Light source
        • LED66S: 50W/830, 46W/840; 44W/830 HE, 41W/840 HE, 47W/930 HE, 45W/940 HE, 46W/PW930 HE, 45W/PW935 HE; 41W/830 XA, 38.5W/840 XA
        • LED80S: 63W/830, 58W/840; 54W/830 HE, 51W/840 HE, 58W/930 HE, 55W/940 HE 62W/PW930 HE, 60W/PW935 HE; 52W/830 XA, 48W/840 XA
        • LED90S: 74W/830, 67W /840; 61W/830 HE; 57W/840 HE, 66W/930 HE, 62W/940 HE, 71W/PW930 HE, 69W/PW935 HE; 59W/830 XA, 55W/840 XA
        Beam angle
        • DA25N, DA25W, DA35W, WB, DA45, A20
        Luminous flux
        • LED66S, LED80S, LED90S
        Correlated Color Temperature
        • 3000 K (830, 930, PW930), 3500 K (PW935) or 4000 K (840, 940)
        Color Rendering Index
        • >80 (830,840) and >90 (930,940, PW930 and PW935)
        Useful life L70B50
        • 70,000 hours
        Useful life L80B50
        • 50,000 hours
        Useful life L90B50
        • 25,000 hours (standard versions); 50,000 hours (HE and XA versions)
        Average ambient temperature
        • 25 ºC
        Operating temperature range
        • 0 to 40 ºC
        • Built-in
        Mains voltage
        • 230 or 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz
        • Dimmable for DALI and WIA version
        • CLO (DIA-CLO, PSD-CLO)
        • Indoor Positioning enabled (DIA-VLC, PSD-VLC)
        • Wireless InterAct Ready (WIA)
        • Housing: PC/Metal
        • Lenses: PC
        • White (WH), Silver (SI) and Black (BK)
        • Beam angle 36 to 60°
        Optical cover
        • Polycarbonate, clear
        • 3C-track adaptor (SM505T)
        • Trunking WAGO connector (SM505S)
        • Wieland/Adels push-in connector, 3-pole mains (and 2-pole control signal) (RC505B)
        • Service class B
        • On 3-circuit track (SM505T)
        • Trunking system with up to 13 wires (SM505S)
        • Exposed ceilings: in lay, no brackets needed (RC505B)
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