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        Product family information

        With StoreFlux, retailers can enjoy the superior quality of light and market-leading energy efficiency of PerfectAccent optics in a refined and neutral product design that nicely blends in store architecture. The StoreFlux gridlight can be equipped with up to three LED modules with PerfectAccent reflector system to deliver top-quality accent lighting that makes your shop and merchandise look great. StoreFlux, next to long service liftetime, also offers tool-free reflector replacement and easy access to driver for hassle free maintenance.


        More sparkle and enhanced shopper eye comfort with PerfectAccent optics
        Best-in-class efficacy to reduce carbon footprint and save on energy use
        Easy maintenance and upgrades with tool-less access to driver and optics
        The clean and refined product design helps the spots blend in with ceilings
        Possibility to pack numerous spots in one product (up to 3 spots)


        Strong accent effect with up to 3900 lm
        Available with PerfectAccent high-efficacy reflectors
        Optional front glass (advised in dusty environments)
        Available in White and Black finish
        Available in 827, 830 and 840 and LED flavors (PremiumWhite930 and PremiumColor930) – ask your sales contact for other requests
        Wired (DALI) connectivity option available
        Single, double or triple spot options


        Food and Large Retailers

        Warning & Safety

        The luminaire should be mounted outside of arm's reach.Manipulating the product when hot is only possible with an insulated glove
        The luminaire should be installed and disassembled by a qualified electrician and wired in accordance with the latest IEE electrical regulations or the national requirements
        All photometrical data is calculated without optional front glass. Flux should be reduced by 3.5% when using a front glass
        In case of no front glass lens, cleaning of the optic should only be done with pressurized air. Touching the LED or reflector is forbidden. For areas with high levels of dust, the use of the optional front glass is strongly advised, as it can then be easily cleaned with a (dry) microfiber cloth
        For multi-spot configurations, please use single configuration photometry and duplicate it as per the number of spots in given configuration.
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        Product family details
        • GD601B (rim, 1 head version)
        • GD602B (rim, 2 head version)
        • GD603B (rim, 3 head version)
        Light source
        • Non-replaceable LED module
        Power (per head)
        • LED11S: 16.5 W
        • LED12S: 12.5 W
        • LED20S: 20 W
        • LED17S: 16 W
        • LED27S: 25 W
        • LED39S: 39 W
        Beam angle
        • LED12S/17S/27S/39S: 29 and 35º,
        • LED11S/20S: 10º
        Luminous flux (at 3000 K)
        • LED11S: 1100 lm
        • LED12S: 1200 lm
        • LED20S: 2000 lm
        • LED17S: 1700 lm
        • LED27S: 2700 lm
        • LED39S: 3900 lm
        Correlated Color Temperature
        • 2700, 3000 or 4000 K and CrispWhite
        Color Rendering Index
        • 80
        • 90 (light color 930)
        • >95 (CRW)
        Median useful life L70B50
        • 70,000 hours
        Median useful life L80B50
        • 50,000 hours
        Median useful life L90B50
        • 25,000 hours
        Driver failure rate
        • 1% per 5000 hours
        Average ambient temperature
        • +25 ºC
        Operating temperature range
        • +10 to +35 ºC
        • Separate
        Mains voltage
        • 230 or 240 V / 50-60 Hz
        • DALI
        • Housing: aluminum, steel
        • Front glass: acrylic
        • White (WH-WH)
        • Black (BK-BK)
        Optical cover
        • Acrylic
        • Push-in connector; 3-pole push-in with loop-through (CU3); 5-pole push-in with loop-through (CU5)
        Cable options
        • 0.5 m cable with 3-pole Wieland / Adels plug (CW); 0.5 m cable with 3-pole Wieland / Adels plug & lock (CW-L); 1 m cable with external BST14 DALI connector (C1KBST2)
        • Replaceable light engines and driver
        • Fixation by means of spring fasteners
        • Optical unit tiltable over 30º
        • 360º rotation of the optical unit
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