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        Product family information

        With LuxSpace Accent Performance Elbow, retailers and building operators can enjoy the superior quality of light and market-leading energy efficiency of PerfectAccent optics in a refined and neutral product design. Powerful and discreet, LuxSpace Accent combines a high luminous flux in a compact form factor. Design-in and installation are easy due to its small built-in dimensions. Maintenance and upgrades of the optics is fast and requires no tools. Furthermore, LuxSpace Accent Performance Elbow spots are certified as circular lighting and offer multiple system integration and dimming options, including wired as well as wireless. LuxSpace Accent Performance Elbow allows spot head rotation and can be angled out of the ceiling for maximum aiming flexibility. For prolonged shelf life and better visual representation of food, reducing food waste and increasing sales, fresh food LED lighting recipes are available. Check out our Fashion and Food catalog pages to find out more about PremiumWhite, PremiumColor, Fresh Meat, Rosé, Frost and Champagne.


        More sparkle and enhanced shopper eye comfort with PerfectAccent optics
        Best-in-class efficacy to reduce carbon footprint and save on energy use
        Certified as circular lighting with PerfectAccent high-efficacy reflectors
        Easy maintenance and upgrades with tool-less access to driver and optics
        The clean and refined product design helps the spots blend in with ceilings


        RS782B offers high maximum flux (6000lm) in a very compact housing with limited built-in dimensions
        Available with PerfectAccent high-efficacy reflectors
        Optional front glass (advised in dusty environments)
        Can be fully rotated and angled out of the ceiling for great light control
        Available with fresh food LED lighting recipes and LED flavors
        Wired (DALI) and wireless connectivity options available


        Convenience stores
        Supermarkets & hypermarkets
        Offices and hospitality areas

        Warning & Safety

        All photometrical data is calculated without optional front glass. Flux should be reduced by 3.5% when using a front glass
        Cleaning of the optic should only be done with pressurized air. Touching the LED or reflector is forbidden. For food preparation areas and areas with high levels of dust, the use of the optional front glass is strongly advised, as it can be cleaned with a (dry) microfiber cloth
        During maintenance, the product must be switched off and cooled down
        The product must be installed out of arm’s reach. Manipulating the product when hot is only possible with an insulated glove
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