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    For disinfection of surfaces, UV radiation can be applied as an additional treatment. This is especially important in medical environment, in laboratories and food industry (packaging, production lines and products).


    In medical environments, UV is used to disinfect empty patient rooms after cleaning and other sensitive areas such as operation rooms. Typical lamp wattages are 55W and higher. Depending on room size and treatment time, multiple lamp systems are required. 


    In the food industry, UV is being used to disinfect transport belts and packaging materials (yoghurt cups, drinking bottles etc.). Next to that, UV can also be used to directly treat the product to increase shelf life and preserve nutritional value (less preservatives). 

    When growing plants, it is possible to reduce mold growth or diseases by radiating them directly with UVC. This helps to reduce the use of pesticides.

    In household equipment such as baby bottle sterilizers, dish dryers… UVC gives an extra security after cleaning and allows to maintain a clean surface during storage.