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    UV systems can be used for disinfection of air and to keep air systems such as HVAC clean. Depending on size of the system and the required effect, lamp power ranges from 15W to 150W.

    In hospitals, waiting rooms and sometimes class rooms, upper air, open UV systems and air recirculation systems are used for daily disinfection of the air and surfaces. Typical lamp wattages go up to 55W.



    In air conditioning systems, UV is used to keep the cooling coil clean from biofilm and to disinfect the air itself. Next to that, it is also used in combination with PCO (Photocatalytic oxidation) to remove VOC’s such as odors. For these applications, mainly lamps with high output (HO) are needed due to the cooling effect of the moving air. Lamp power required depends on the size of the HVAC system. For residential applications, power up to 25W is needed. For commercial applications, power up to 150W is required.

    The trend to reduce the amount of preservatives in the food industry requires a very clean environment in which UV can play an important role for continuous disinfection. Lamps required are similar to lamps used in HVAC systems.