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    Maxos fusion
    Guaranteed performance,
    thinking ahead

    Redefining the standard in trunking lighting


    Businesses need lighting that fuses quality, efficiency and an attractive total cost of ownership (TCO). With more than 20 years’ experience with trunking lighting, we understand the challenges you face and have developed solutions that help you overcome them.

    Meet Maxos fusion


    Maxos fusion is an adaptable LED trunking system that delivers excellent quality of light while more than halving energy costs compared to fluorescent lamps. As well as being an energy efficiency champion, it also helps reduce installation and maintenance costs and on top of that, you will also enjoy full freedom to position the fixtures according to your objectives or layout.

    Experience the benefits

    LED lighting can help save on energy and operations. But the benefits of LEDs don’t stop here. With the right light, you can  enhance the customer’s in-store experience, reduce the total cost of ownership and create a safe and comfortable environment.

    In response to changing demands relating to quality of light, energy efficiency, TCO and being prepared for future developments, we’ve developed Maxos fusion.