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    The EU says switch to LED.
    We say bring it on.

    It's never been easier for real pros to switch to LED

    The EU is convinced of the many benefits of LED and is putting them in the spotlight: With the implementation of the EU Ecodesign Regulation on September 1st, 2021, EU countries will phase out numerous conventional light sources to switch to more environmentally friendly, energy efficient lighting.

    Philips LED – turning conventional into sensational

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    Fast and easy to fit


    Philips LED lamps and tubes are true retrofit, making them a hassle-free to install solution

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    Full portfolio 


    Philips offers a high-quality LED lighting solution for every need and budget

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    Low energy consumption and a longer lifetime make LED lighting the sustainable choice

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    Trusted performance 


    Highest standard LED technology guarantees low maintenance and best lighting results

    Switch to LED – powered by the EU

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    Two new regulations for more sustainabilty


    As of September 2021, the EU will implement two updated regulations:  the Ecodesign Regulation (SLR) and the Energy Labelling Regulation (ELR). Both have the goal of further expanding the lighting industry’s lead in sustainability by delivering significant energy savings for lighting products and systems.


    See our convenient brochure for what you need to know about the regulations – plus the complete overview of recommended Philips LED replacements for phased out conventional lamps.

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    EU subsidies for sustainable lighting 


    The European Green Deal has a very ambitious goal: to reach carbon neutrality by 2050. In order to achieve that goal, the EU and governments are, amongst others, funding renovation and new lighting projects that use energy efficient LED and connected solutions.


    Download our whitepaper to find out how you or your customers can tap into these subsidies – for an even easier switch to LED. 

    Switching to LED made easy

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    LED made easy with the Total Cost of Ownership tool


    Replacing conventional lighting with LED lamps may seem like a big investment, but it’s also a smart one. Making the switch to LED typically pays for itself in the first year.

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