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    The smarter way to save energy and reduce CO2

    It’s important that cities feel welcoming and safe. Beautiful, white light creates attractive spaces that people can enjoy, even when the sun goes down. Not only does LED lighting from Philips help make cities come alive, its energy efficiency means it is a smart financial choice as well.
    There are more ways to switch and saveOur CosmoWhite and CityWhite lamps provide an easy way to upgrade your lighting, resulting in dramatically reduced energy and maintenance costs. If you’re looking for functional lighting, consider switching to SON – an investment in lighting that practically pays for itself.
    • MASTER CityWhite CDO-TT
      MASTER CityWhite CDO-TT
      Ceramic metal halide lamp with clear tubular outer bulb shape, used in outdoor offering pleasant white light
      • White warm color impression providing comfort and safety
      • Easy upgrade from SON to white light without additional cost
      • Flexible light levels and reduced energy consumption possible via dimming option
    • MASTER CosmoWhite CPO-TT Xtra
      MASTER CosmoWhite CPO-TT Xtra
      New-generation ceramic metal-halide tubular lamps used in outdoor applications, offering efficient and pleasant white light
      • Attractive white-light alternative to current standard mercury-vapor, HPS and ceramic solutions
      • Offering easy access to low-cost high-performance new system with existing standard components
      • Best combination of low investment and high energy savings (up to 65%), resulting in very low cost of ownership
    • MASTER SON-T APIA Plus Xtra
      MASTER SON-T APIA Plus Xtra
      High Pressure Sodium lamp with clear tubular outer bulb shape, high output and longest reliable lifetime
      • Most-cost effective solution (both initial as well as running cost) in this category
      • 6 years service life
      • Highest lumen output, maintained over life
    • PrimaVision Xtreme for SON
      PrimaVision Xtreme for SON
      Highly reliable electronic drivers for SON lamps designed for saving energy via better light efficiency compared to magnetic drivers and for saving on maintenance costs thanks to a...
      • Up to 15% energy saving due to the high driver efficiency (92%) and better wattage control at overvoltage (when compared to magnetic ballasts)
      • Minimizes maintenance cost due to the Xtreme lifetime of 80.000 hours and the integrated lightning protection
      • Better light quality as the PrimaVision Xtreme gears enable perfect output uniformity across the lighting network and solve the flickering effect (created by magnetic ballasts)