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    Sustainable and high-quality 
    lighting at Europe's 

    leading container terminal

    EUROGATE Container Terminal,
    Bremerhaven, Germany

    EUROGATE is Europe’s leading container terminal operator, handling about 14.6 million standard 
    containers per year at 12 terminal locations.

    Our strategy is built on
    three pillars:

    optimizing efficiency, minimizing environmental footprint, and maximizing safety. Upgrading to modern LED lighting was a logical move to help us achieve these objectives.”


    Jens Greulich, Director Technology Coordination/Projects, EUROGATE


    Customer Challenge


    Eurogate was examining the possibility of using more energy-efficient technologies: it was decided to equip the entire Terminal with LED luminaires by the end of 2017. Economic efficiency and environmental protection were the main goals, but the company also had other requirements: one of these was to minimize glare and improve spatial vision for the drivers of transportation vehicles. At the same time, it was essential to maximize spacing between light points – and minimize their number. Optics providing a very wide distribution were therefore essential to ensure maximum and uniform coverage on the ground.

    Opslag Bruynzeel Storage Systems

    The right lighting


    Eurogate chose us, as their lighting partner, as our Philips luminaires met their strict criteria of high-color reproduction, wide and even light distribution and energy reduction.

    The project involved disassembling about 2,000 floodlights spread over an area of 2.9 million square feet, and installing over 1,600 Philips ClearFlood LED floodlights. The work was performed on site by MWB Power GmbH.

    • Reduced environmental footprint 

    The significant reduction in energy consumption allows EUROGATE to decrease its environmental footprint. The new lighting leads to a reduction of 100 metric tons of CO2 emissions per year.

    • Increased safety


    The minimized glare and significantly better color reproduction of the new LED installation ensures a more contrast-rich visibility. The result is an increased sense of safety for employees on the ground and drivers of transportation vehicles. Thanks to outstanding uniformity of the new lighting, dark shadows are fully eliminated, and there are no disturbing striping effects on the ground.

    • Reduced energy consumption and maintenance costs

    With LED lighting the lower electricity consumption combined with low maintenance costs are expected to result in savings of at least 50% compared to the previous installation.



    • ClearFlood
      ClearFlood is a range of floodlights that enables you to choose the exact lumen rating that you need for your specific application. Designed around state-of-the-art LEDs and extrem...

    Increased safety and
    reduced environmental footprint

    The Team

    EUROGATE Container Terminal


    MWB Power GmbH


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