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    Restaurant La Rive, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


    Find out how Restaurant La Rive is delighting diners with adjustable hospitality lighting.
    A man stands in front of Restaurant La Rive, illuminated by Philips hospitality lighting

    This investment is
    paid back

    within a short period. The fact that our guests do not notice any difference is the best evidence that this was a good choice.”


    - Willem de Bok, technical manager at InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam

    Two people sit at a table at Restaurant La Rive, by the light of Philips hospitality lighting
    Philips' hospitality lighting products at Restaurant La Rive are adjustable, making them more sustainable

    Customer challenge

    Restaurant La Rive is one of the leading dining locations in the Netherlands. Not only has it earned a Michelin star, but it also received the Golden Green Key award in 2010 for its environmental efforts. Could a new lighting system meet the restaurant’s high standards for sustainability and quality? 

    The right lighting

    Maintaining a welcome atmosphere was vital. To replace the existing 50w halogen bulbs in the lamps, MASTER LED 10w bulbs were chosen. These lights create the same brightness as halogen bulbs, but the energy consumption is 80% lower.

    The chandelier bulbs were replaced with Novallure lights. These innovative LED fixtures, designed especially for decorative lighting, provide the same warm glow as traditional bulbs. However, they use less energy, and emit virtually no heat, helping to keep costs low.

    The new lamps have maintained the atmosphere that the restaurant so carefully created. They have also helped to reach sustainability goals thanks to the energy-efficient performance of LED. The life cycle of the new lights is around 30,000 hours, compared to 2,000 for halogen. This reduces replacement costs considerably. In addition, the low heat emissions of LED mean that air conditioning is used less, delivering further savings.


    The new lighting can be changed instantly to a number of pre-programmed light settings. This guarantees that the restaurant can create the correct ambience for any occasion.

      Philips MASTER VALUE MR16 is the series of Low Voltage (12VAC) Halogen MR16 replacements. Not only does it employs Philips' patented solution to guarantee the broadest possible com...

    tasteful lighting

    The team

    Restaurant La Rive


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