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    Excellent-quality roses


    Boechout, Belgium


    Wimceco Rose Nursery is a modern nursery specializing in growing large-flowered cut roses. Danny and Bart van Nuffelen are in charge of the day-to-day management of the company, after taking over the family busines from their parents Willy and Cecilia in 1999.


    Since the LEDs

    give off less heat,

    we can provide lighting for longer in the spring and autumn if the outside temperature is are higher. This improves the quality of the roses.

    - Danny and Bart van Nuffelen, owners of Wimceco Rose Nursery


    The challenge


    Danny and Bart wanted to replace the outdated lightinginstallations in both departments. “We wanted to raisethe light level without increasing energy input,” explainsDanny. “Two thirds of the energy for the lamps isobtained from our own CHP. Buying additionalelectricity is very expensive here in Belgium.”


    The right lighting


    The brothers had kept track of the developments in LEDtechnology. But before making a decision about buyinga new installation they talked to Philips’ plant specialistand Horti LED Partner Agrolux. During these talks boththe energy balance and the economic calculation of theold installation were examined.



    When Wimceco installed the lighting in the autumn of 2015, it became the first rose nursery in Europe to usehybrid lighting in rose cultivation. “We’ve noticed thatthe crop grows better and is of higher quality,” Danny tells us. “The main reason for this is the increase in thelight level.” The brothers have also noticed that thanksto the LEDs they are able to keep the temperature inthe greenhouse under control. 


    “The hybrid installationallows us to control the climate much better than previously. In situations with a low winter sun, wherethe greenhouse warms up but does not receive enoughradiation, we can still add extra LED light. This preventsthe greenhouse from becoming unnecessarily hot." 


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    Philips is introducing an LED-based toplighting solution for greenhouse growers, easy to install and no need for water cooling systems.


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    The Team

    Danny and Bart van Nuffelen



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