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    payback period

    Oostnieuwkerke, Belgium

    The Philips GreenPower LED flowering lamps accord with Gediflora's vision of sustainability.
    Elien Daenens, Gediflora

    Knowledge doesn’t
    just arrive.

    We’ve spent three years doing the research.”


    - Elien Pieters, managing Director Gediflora

    Gediflora, Oostnieuwkerke, Belgium

    Customer challenge

    Gediflora is a leader in breeding pot chrysanthemums and markets its varieties under the name of ‘Belgian Mums’. Gediflora now has 3 hectares of greenhouses and 14 hectares of trial and production fields.
    Gediflora, Oostnieuwkerke, Belgium

    The right lighting 


    Gediflora uses cyclic lighting above the mother plants to stimulate vegetative growth and combat budding in the cuttings. Since 1 September 2012 the sale of a large number of types of incandescent lamps has been banned throughout the European Union. This meant that Gediflora had to go in search of a different type of lighting. Energy-saving lamps proved not to be a good alternative for this, since budding still occurs.

    It quickly became clear that the far red light provided by Philips GreenPower LED DR/W/FR flowering lamps was needed to keep the mother plants completely vegetative. Despite the higher cost of purchase, the company will be able to recoup the investment within 18 months.

    Gediflora was looking for a good replacement for incandescent lamps and found an equivalent alternative by opting for LED lamps. The energy consumption of LED lamps is as much as 60% lower than incandescent lamps. This energy reduction accords with Gediflora’s vision of sustainability.

    Philips GreenPower LED flowering lamp


    The flowering lamp is the alternative for extending day length for plants that are sensitive to the photoperiod.


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    The flowering lamp is the alternative for extending day length for plants that are sensitive to the photoperiod.

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