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    LED installation
    that guarantees year-round production

    De Hoog Orchids,

    Delfgauw, the Netherlands


    Today, brothers Arjan and Marco de Hoog run a highlyadvanced pot-plant nursery with a total greenhouse areaof 40,000 m2 and a focus on eco-friendly cultivation.They produce about 1.8 million Dendrobium Nobiléorchids per year in their greenhouses, which are equippedwith the latest technologies.

    De Hoog Orchideeen

    This is the first


    that guarantees year-round production of challenging orchid varieties."

    - Arjan de Hoog, Co-director, De Hoog Orchids

    De Hoog Orchideeen
    De Hoog Orchideeen

    The challenge


    Together with Philips, Arjan de Hoog began an intensive period of testing different colored LEDs and light recipes on several orchid varieties, first on a small scale and then on a larger scale. Philips specialists measured the light levels and provided advice on the light recipes. The ultimate goal was to reduce energy costs in the cooling cell used to initiate flowering, increase the number of flowering buds on plants, and achieve year-round production of challenging orchid varieties.

    De Hoog Orchideeen

    The right lighting


    As a result of its thorough LED tests, the company constructed a brand new greenhouse at its location on Vrederustlaan and equipped it with the latest technologies to grow Dendrobium Nobilé year round in a special cooling cell. The cooling cell has been equipped with three vertical layers, each illuminated by Philips GreenPower LED production modules using a defined light recipe.


    Arjan de Hoog says, “With the LEDs, we have achieved results we couldn’t achieve using HPS lights. The LED lighting gives us a real competitive advantage by inducing more flower buds on a plant, even the difficult orchid varieties, year round.” De Hoog believes this is the first LED installation of its kind for large-scale production of orchids.


    Looking ahead, Arjan de Hoog believes that LED will play an even more important role in floriculture by allowing growers to reduce energy costs, while controlling certain growth phases of plants, coloration, blooming, and the overall quality of the plant itself.

    production module

    Philips GreenPower LED production module


    The production module is developed for multilayer cultivation in conditioned environments with little or no daylight.


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    competitive advantage

    The Team

    De Hoog Orchids



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