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    Aspire Academy Expansion 

    Doha, Qatar 

    Aspire Academy Expansion is the world’s largest indoor multi-purpose dome, offering the highest quality facilities for multiple sports and international events. It is located at the Aspire Zone in Doha, Qatar.  By 2020, the Aspire Academy will be recognized as the world’s leading sports academy in the development of youth athletes.

    Cementing its reputation as one of the foremost sporting and educational institutions in the world, Aspire Academy embraces unrivaled amenities. The project has many facilities for football teams hosting both local and international events. For the upcoming world’s largest worlds soccer tournament in the year 2022, this project is ready with its world-class facilities like institutions, training facilities for sports and boarding for players. The project Includes facilities like classrooms, indoor soccer training ground, physiotherapy, gymnasium, swimming pool, meeting rooms, biochemistry, car parking, offices etc.


    The lighting control system has been designed to meet energy savings initiatives and also to provide the endless smart facilities and incredible control over the lighting. The solution provided has redundancy in terms of network connectivity with the LCP Panels. From around 30,000 number of lights installed, Philips Dynalite has controlled all of them with its strong DALI controllers and also been integrated with all facility systems like Emergency Lighting system, Building Management System, Audio-Visuals, Fire systems. The wonderful designed graphical user interface allows end-user to monitor and take control over all the lights/areas at his seat.


    Consists of the following Buildings


    Learning Resource Center (LRC)

    Area: 4,530 m2 (G+1+Roof)

    Facilities: Meeting rooms, class rooms and lobbies

    • Each meeting room consists of a Touch Screen DTP170 with control of ON/OFF, DIM and Shutter Control.
    • Every class room has been integrated to Audio-Visual system in order to activate scenes automically when the AV system is in use.
    • Lobbies has been controlled automatically with the use of Multifunction sensors DUS804C.


    Boarding Facilities Building (BO Building)

    Area: 13,164 m2 (B+G+3+Roof)

    Facilities: 113 Nos. Boarding rooms and Common facilities  


    Football Performance Center (FPC Building)

    Built-up area: 35,808 m2 (B+G+2+Roof)

    Facilities: Football training, Physiotherapy, Gymnasium, Swimming pool, Meeting Rooms, Biochemistry, car parking, offices etc.

    • Lighting in Training facilities has been controlled and monitored with bradcast controllers DDBC1200 and linked to the powerful actuators DDRC1220-FR-GL.
    • Physiotherapy centers contains keypads and Touch Screens to control Lighting and curtains. 
    • Meeting rooms has smart sensors to analyze the illumination levels and automatically adjust the required lighting.

    Featured products

    Dynalite DDBC120-DALI
    Dynalite DDBC1200
    Dynalite DDBC1220-FR-GL
    Dynalite DDNG-485
    Dynalite DDNG-BACNET
    Dynalite PDEG
    Dynalite Envision Manager

    Project team

    Value Added Partner: Techno Q

    Lighting Designer: Syed Mustafa Hussain

    Client / end user: Aspire

    Other people involved: Awais Akram

    Installation date: Q4 2017

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