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    Unicoop Tirreno:

    The new shopping experience

    Livorno - Italy 

    Livorno shopping mall refurbishment gives Unicoop Tirreno the opportunity to fully exploit its mission of enhancing customers experience.  Customers’ needs have been critical during the supermarket design, whilst the power of light played a key role to pave the way for instant venue engagement to customers by enabling indoor navigation and proximity marketing.

    Livorno supermarket ideally bridges the physical and digital worlds, with location-based marketing and wayfinding. The use of highly accurate indoor positioning can guide shoppers in the store and make them save the most valuable resource we have, time!


    Design objectives of this project

    Livorno supermarket represents the climax of Unicoop Tirreno quest to engage with its customers and improve their purchasing behaviors. Unicoop Tirreno bottom line was to increase both shopping and store performance through Signify cutting-edge technologies: Indoor Positioning, StoreWise and GreenWarehouse. The combination of Indoor Positioning and StoreWise allow to balance memorable in-store experience, energy efficiency and cost savings. 

    Besides attractive LED lighting that reduces energy costs, lighting controls and software drive further energy savings while providing an excellent in-store experience to enhance sales and consolidate Unicoop Tirreno brand. Energy efficiency has been another main design driver, by using specific high-end products like Maxos fusion for all shopping areas and wireless-automated controls in non-shopping areas. Cost saving focus led to implement GreenWarehouse luminaries in all ancillary areas to increase the savings on energy costs and create safe and sustainable facilities with presence detection, activating only the lighting needed for each activity. Love for tradition and details and the bond with beauty, have been safeguarded by using Luceplan products in specific store areas to create the warm reception and welcoming atmospheres typical of the Italian style.


    Impact on the end user

    Users have been able to experiment a new way of purchasing. Indoor Positioning allows them to receive location-based product suggestions and personalized promotional pop-ups on shoppers’ smartphones. Users can find with ease the products required and have assistance in a highly comfortable environment with an intelligent lighting system that modulates according to scenarios predefined by the Store Manager. Even supermarket staff benefits from greater safety in the handling of materials in warehouses, where lighting accompanies them in all their movements. Wayfinding can also improve staff efficiency by helping with restocking and online order picking.

    We have been relying on 9REN team expertise and Signify technologies, to turn our marketing ideas into reality, while reducing operational costs. 
    9REN & Philips team competences, enthusiasm and reliability give us the opportunity to develop an extremely complex lighting project involving both technical and marketing aspects of our business. Overall Livorno lighting plant will allow us to reach significant energy savings and increase comfort and safety for our people and our customers"

    Simone Pieraccini

    Facility Management Director

    Featured products

    Maxos Fusion
    Modular Lighting Instument

    Project team

    Value Added Partner: 9REN People SRL

    Lighting Designer: Stefany Valerio Barbosa

    Client: Unicoop Tirreno

    Other people: INRES

    Installation date: August 2018

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