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    Mercedes AMG
    Performance Centre

    Sydney, Australia

    AMG Sydney is the first dedicated sales-and-service showroom for Mercedes-AMG vehicles in the world, and just the second stand-alone AMG showroom.  AMG Sydney represents the sports car and performance brand in a discrete architecture for the first time in Australia and will present customers with an immersive yet approachable brand experience.  

    Rather than the typical fishbowl, the showroom presents as a mysterious ‘black box’, closed from the outside, with a gallery-like interior designed to encourage exploration and discovery of the spaces within, experiencing each vehicle in a carefully curated sequence. AMG have spent the last 50 years being driven by a powerful conviction. From the very start, AMG has been characterized by the courage and passion of its founders. Then now, they don’t accept limits. They are constantly seeking the next challenge. They call this: Driving Performance and makes every single AMG a statement of Driving Performance. The proposed development at AMG is the contemporarily response for the first time in Australia.


    AMG Sydney is the highest quality and designed to maintain the performance customers can experience the brand universe of Mercedes-AMG across two floors with a total area of almost 1000 square metres, with the focus exclusively on the models and themes of the sports car and performance brand. AMG Sydney Dealer Principal Vaughan Blackman promises “a benchmark AMG centre that will offer the best in AMG sales, service, parts and finance''.


    Impact on the end user

    Automated has been commissioned to supply and program advanced Dynalite Lighting Control technology at the 1000 square-metre, two floors buildings and the external lamella facade which holds over 2 kilometers of white and colored LED strip lighting controlled by Color Kinetics. The activated light facade video content was designed and supplied by AMG Sydney and actioned by automated to improve the visibility and image of their Sydney Airport dealership.


    Color Kinetics Video System Manager was the solution. It`s an integrated hardware and software solution enabling video playback and visual effects output on intelligent LED lighting systems. This system of lights and signage, emits and reflects light and is a shading structure for solar energy efficiency on the dealerships’ facades. Delivering spectacular video, imagery, and visual effects to the led integrated with Dynalite lighting networks. 


    The installation of the colored LED lights allows the facade to showcase a section of video graphics. During the daytime provide a dynamic appearance with white louvres and the diagonal structure. At night, eye-catching white-red exterior lighting is activated. This element draws focus on the superior nature of AMG cars and intrigues visitors to enter the showroom.


    The interior finishes are also customized for the project and required numerous prototypes and detailed resolution. The design is deliberately kept simple, but keen-eyed visitors are sure to notice details like the asphalt flooring, inset LED lighting, and painted road markings that allude to the showroom’s racing roots.


    The key feature for this project is the importance of the exterior of the building providing a highly visible marker for the brand while mediating views to the cars within. As a result, the end-users expectation is to have their clients experience a more enjoyable environment whilst browsing for the future motor vehicle.

    Featured products

    Dynalite Network Gateway – RS485 DyNet Network (DDNG485)
    Dynalite DALI Controller (DDBC120-DALI)
    Dynalite DyNet PC Node Computer Adaptor (DTK622-232)
    Dynalite Envision Gateway (PDEG)
    Dynalite Colour Touch Screen (DTP170)
    Dynalite Timeclock (DDTC001)
    Dynalite Multi-Controller (DDMC802GL)
    Dynalite Relay Controller (DDRC1220FR)
    Dynalite Low Level Interface (DLLI8I8O)
    Dynalite Motion/Photo Electric Sensor (DUS360-CR)
    Philips Power Supply (DDNP1501)
    Color Kinetics Video System manager
    Color Kinetics Multi Protocol Converter

    Project team

    Photographer: Tom Ferguson

    Value Added Partner: Automated

    Lighting Designer: Haron Robson

    Client: Star Auto (Australia) Pty Ltd

    Architect: Turner

    Installation date: December 2017

    More photos  about the project

    Mercedes AMG - showroom lighting design
    Philips Lighting - showroom lighting ideas

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