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    Sustainable and future-proof lighting at Rocla

    Järvenpää, Finland

    Developer and manufacturer of warehouse trucks, forklifts and automated guided vehicles, Rocla faced the issue of an old-fashioned sodium lighting installation, where energy consumption was massive and the color rendering indexed very low. This meant increased operational costs and quality issues when evaluating the color of the products.  

    As a part of renovating and upgrading the production sites, Rocla has chosen Valoremontti Oy as their supplier due to the profound cooperation experienced as well as the quality and advanced products offered. This resulted in a tailored Philips GreenWarehouse solution, completed and installed in a few months, long before the deadline. A total of 520 luminaires were replaced with GentleSpace High-bay LED luminaires. 


    Impact on the end user

    The GreenWarehouse system combined with LED luminaires provides 70% energy savings, which is a significant level and contributes to Rocla’s key focus area: sustainable product development and manufacturing. Payback time is only 4 years, and over time they will experience lower maintenance costs due to the longer lifetime of the luminaires. Rocla's operational efficiency has increased by 7% and satisfaction amongst the employees has also increased due to the clearer visibility at darker hours which makes it easier to concentrate.

    Customer  feedback

    We defined the illuminance level on the floor. The turn-key deal created a good customer experience." 

    Anssi Haataja

    Business Development Manager

    Featured products

    GreenWarehouse system
    GentleSpace High-bay luminaires

    Project team

    Value Added Partner: Valoremontti Oy

    Lighting Designer: Oskari Marttila, Valoremontti Oy
    Client / end user: Rocla Oy

    People involved: Sami Santalahti, Valoremontti Oy

    Installation date: September 2017

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