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    Al-Bathina International School complex

    Sohar, Sultate of Oman

    Al-Bathina International School is a smart integrated educational campus comprising of 3 educational blocks, a multipurpose auditorium, and a gymnasium building, all intertwined by the Philips Dynalite system. 

    All fixtures used are DALI based with motion detection, lux-level control and master override from the DTP170 touch panel. At the courtyard in each of the educational blocks, the Philips Dynalite temperature sensors influence the operation of the motorized/automated windows based on the surrounding temperature.  Along the length of the ceiling in the very same courtyard, Philips Massive Dosel pendants are installed at various lengths suspended from the ceiling with the Philips Hue lamps installed within them. The color transformations of the hue lamps are programmed to change periodically in a random slow pattern, causing a therapeutic effect on the beholder and providing a fantastic ambiance. The Access control system, Emergency evacuation system is integrated with Philips Dynalite. when in Evac mode, all Antumbra display panels will be disabled and shall display " EVAC MODE IS ENABLED", driving all the lights to a specific preset. By implementing DDRC810DT relay controllers, DTP170, and relevant audio equipment, the paging system is also one operating on the Philips Dynalite® platform. In the gymnasium block, the Audio-visual system is integrated with Philips Dynalite®. When in AV mode, the lighting controls open to an array of options such as DMX stage lighting controls, motorized truss control, stage curtains etc. This is facilitated by the Philips Dynalite application on Ipad. 


    Impact on the end user: 

    A smartly interfaced integrated environment has been successfully achieved in this project. Client is very pleased and does not leave an oppurtunity in showcasing the features of the property to elite visitors and ministers. An interactive atmosphere with the ability to transform the ambience as required has had a very positive and encouraging impact on the educational as well as the social cycle of the students.

    The New4thDimension team has delivered a system surpassing our requirements. Mr. Joby Joseph has become a long-term friend and technical advisor for our advances. Great job by everyone!

    Neil Tomalin

    Al-Bathina School Board Member, Headmaster

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    Project team

    Value Added Partner: New 4th Dimension LLC

    Lighting Designer: Design Group Engineering Consultants

    Client: Al-Bathina International School, Orpic, Sohar Aluminium

    Completion date: October 2017

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