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    The redesign of a building and site attraction

    Guayaquil, Ecuador

    Lightning the facade of 'The Point' Guayaquil’s tallest building was a design to promote the area's nightlife activities and tourist attraction. 

    Since its construction in 2013, The Point has long been known for its 145 meters height at the shore of the city’s river with a remarkable architecture in shape of a screw. However, the lack of a lighting design counteracted its presence during the nights, and as a result, a lack of identity as well. The implementation of PCK iColorflex along its façade provided a new image for the building and an opportunity to standout during the nights. The lighting design highlights the architecture of the building and allows to project any media content to be watched by the visitors of the area.


    The installation of the light strips was no easy task as it has never done before at this scale and its screw shape was a challenging surface to work on. Nevertheless, the hard job paid back and now the building is the second in South America to have a dynamic façade.


    Impact on the end user

    The result was immediate. The site now offers the tourist a sight to enjoy. Local restaurant's owners, as well as the hotel in the site, claim an increase in visits and occupancy. The building's facade now projects brands advertising, special light shows during the holidays according to the theme, and numerous other contents.

    Featured products

    iColorflex MX
    Light System Manager Gen5

    Project team

    Value Added Partner: AMMCO S.A.

    Lighting Designer: Andrés Sanchez, Signify

    Client: Consorcio NOBIS

    Installation date: 2017

    More photos  about the project

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