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    TMT Budownictwo


    Maspex new headquaters - Wadowice, Poland



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    The Master Plan for Historical Downtown – Guadalajara
    The Master Plan for Historical Downtown – Guadalajara

    TMT Budownictwo is a General Contractor Company which has started the cooperation with Philips in 2013. Maspex Group is one of the largest FMCG companies in Central Europe and owns their production facilities in Poland, Romania, Russia, the Czech  Republic and Hungary, exporting its products to the whole world.

    Project parameters

    •       6 levels

    •       8000 m2 of area


    Lighting project includes: designing lighting and control systems, installing luminaires, installing control systems, preparing and installing management software platforms.
    The total value of the entire project reached € 450,000 .

    The main challenges of the project were the scale of the project and the need to integrate Dynalite system with the control of external blinds and the multimedia installation of conference rooms.

    Internal lighting is managed by the use of a computer with the Dynalite System Manager installed parking areas are equipped with luminaires controlled by Philips CityTouch

    Luminaries used in this project

    • 1500 internal luminaires
    • 700 pcs Philips Power Balance
    • 150 pcs Lux Space
    • 120 pcs CoreLine Panel and more
    • 450 Dynalite devices
    • 250 Dynalite sensors
    • 120 Antumbra Panels
    • 29 Dynalite Relay Controllers
    • 8 Dynalite Signal Dimmer Controllers  and more
    • 17 outdoor CityTouch luminaires


    Project results

    • Expected energy saving, as a result of this project – 60%
    • Expected payback period – 3 years
    • Expected annual savings – 12 000 €

    Project team

    Value Added Partner:
    TMT Budownictwo

    End user: Maspex Group
    Building project: AT Architektura
    Lighting Design: Mariusz Bryła,Michał Dąbrowski, TMT Budownictwo