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    Tencent Building – Binhai

    The Master Plan for Historical Downtown – Guadalajara
    The Master Plan for Historical Downtown – Guadalajara

    The owner of Tencent Building of Binhai is Tencent group, the leading internet company and IT legend of China. Its leading China’s internet technology in many perspectives: Mobile internet, internet games, social media, big data etc. 


    Tencent Building of Binhai is the new office building of Tencent, located in China’s high-tech city Shenzhen, with construction area of 350K square meters and total investment of 234M EURO. It is a twin-tower style building of 50 floors and 41 floors respectively, positioned to be the new technology land mark of Shenzhen.


    Tencent group has high hopes for its new office building. It wants to create a smart office building, a productive workspace with limited costs. 

    • Project owner: Tencent group
    • Date of project completion: November 2017
    • Project value: Total: 2.7 million euro (specification lumi: 2.2 million euro, Dynalite: 0.5 million euro.

    Tencent building is installed with Philips luminaires and Dynalite control system throughout the whole building with nearly 20,000 pcs of façade lighting luminaire “linebar” BCS512, 15,000 pcs of panel, troffer and downlight luminaires and 1,300 pcs of Dynalite control modules “DDRC1220FR-GL”.


    The setup ensures that there is a comfortable level of light and networked lighting control throughout the building at all times.  In addition, employees not only manually adjust the lighting levels to their own tastes if they want to, but also the Dynalite system can dim the light whenever rooms are empty, or when there is enough daylight present.


    The lighting solution of Tencent Building has created a new benchmark in energy saving, smart, comfort, and flexibility. In addition, the Dynalite control system is easy to upgrade and modify in the future, making it an excellent long-term investment.