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    RGB Lights


    Konami at the 2016 Global Gaming Expo (G2E) – Las Vegas, USA






    The Master Plan for Historical Downtown – Guadalajara
    The Master Plan for Historical Downtown – Guadalajara

    Project Name: Konami at the 2016 Global Gaming Expo (G2E)

    Utilized the endless capabilities of Philips iColor Flex and RGB Light’s FlexiFlex to showcase Konami’s renowned creativity. FlexiFlex, an iColorFlex grid, was used to create a bending canopy over attendees. RigiFlex, a higher resolution LED solution created by RGB Lights accompanied the design to offer a video element. All of this was tied together with the iconic Konami sign, which was custom fabricated and illuminated with iColorFlex.


    Objectives of the lighting designer and end-customer: Produce a creative, tech-based arena for attendees to immerse themselves in the featured products.

    Location: Las Vegas, Sands Expo and Convention Center

    Installation Date: September 26, 2016

    Project Plan (project energy saving, TCO, payback period): 
    This design was a temporary design for an event. TCO was $100,000, payback period was based on the traction gained after the event and how well attendees chose Konami after the event – we do not have those analytics, but had highly positive feedback from the client both during and after the event.

    Main components are as follows

    • FlexiFlex – iColorFlex Gen2 LED Grid

    • Custom Fabricated Signage

    • Custome FlexiFleXL – iColorFlex LED Grid

    • Video System Manager Pro DVI V4

    • sPDS-­‐480ca 24v

    Impact on end-customer: With the help of RGB Light’s custom fabrication and Philip’s products the customer was able to successfully created the perfect environment for attendees who were able to fully immerse themselves in Konami’s products. The Konami section of the tradeshow was so successful and went so far beyond expectations it was featured in a blog post on in October following the event.


    Installation date: September 26, 2016
    Location: Las Vegas, Sands Expo and Convention Center
    Certified Value Added Partner: RGB Lights

    Owner: Konami