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    Post Ingeniería


    Suspension Bridge – Santa Fe, Argentina



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    The Master Plan for Historical Downtown – Guadalajara
    The Master Plan for Historical Downtown – Guadalajara
    Post Ingeniería

    Over the Setúbal lagoon, connecting Costanera Este and Costanera Oeste avenues, the Bridge has become a top tourist attraction. It is located in the City of Santa Fe, Province of Santa Fe, Argentina.

    We have been working on the project for several years, but it has ­finally been developed since September 2016 and inaugurated on May 25, 2017 with an important event. In that sense, and considering that the Bridge is one of the most important monuments of the City, we have been working on its modernization and its corresponding imprint. The new LED lighting is a work that is in line with that intention. The selected luminaires have RGBW technology allowing color change, as well as the possibility of bright white lighting to highlight its architecture.

    Products used
    In order to reaffirm its commitment to urban beautification and light replacement, Philips Lighting has worked together with its Value Added Partner Post Ingeniería, who was responsible for the project sale, engineering development, luminaires installation and Pharos Control system programming. The old lighting of the bridge had HID projectors and Sodium technology. It was completely replaced by Linear Luminaires and LED projectors of Philips ColorKinetics line. In the project we installed: 324 luminaires ColorGraze RGBW MX4 Powercore 4FT, 62 luminaires ColorGraze RGBW MX4 Powercore 2FT, 13 ColorReach G2, 17 ColorReach Compact, 50 data Enabler pro, 17 Colorblast G4, 1 Pharos controller and system accessories. In this way, a flexible solution was achieved to fulfill the client's needs.


    • 324 ColorGraze RGBW MX4 Powercore 4FT
    • 62 ColorGraze RGBW MX4 Powercore 2FT
    • 17 ColorReach Compact
    • 17 Colorblast G4
    • 50.000 Lifetime hs.
    Post Ingeniería

    Project objectives

    The main objective of the project was to connect the Setúbal lagoon through light, enhancing all its dimensions, shapes and fundamentally the architecture of the Bridge complemented with a simple, safe, reliable and low maintenance cost and consumption solution. The ­final client is the Municipality of Santa Fe City, which conveyed its satisfaction for the ­final project. Today, the city enjoy a new dynamic lighting every day, thus fulfilling the objective of the Municipality that was to recover the historical space and value of the icon bridge of the City.

    Project team

    Value Added Partner:
     Post Ingenieria

    Installation: March 2017
    Project Support: Architect Guillermo
    Pasina LIAS