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    Nilsen Networks


    Royal Adelaide Hospital – Adelaide, Australia



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    The Master Plan for Historical Downtown – Guadalajara
    The Master Plan for Historical Downtown – Guadalajara

    The new Royal Adelaide Hospital (nRAH) was developed by the South Australian Government under the SA Public Private Partnership on an Adelaide CBD brown field site, designed to be Australia’s most advanced hospital and South Australia’s single largest infrastructure project to date.

    Structurally, the hospital spans the equivalent of three city blocks and is located on a pristine site containing almost four hectares of landscaped parks and internal green space, including over 70 courtyards, terraces and sky gardens.

    Its innovative design combines cutting-edge technology with new standards in conservation and environmental management.

    The 9 level, 170,000m2 facility with 77,000m2 car parking has the capacity to admit more than 80,000 patients per year, with 800 beds with 100% single occupancy rooms and opening windows with an additional 100 day beds, 40 technical and 8 emergency (operating) suites, with gardens, green spaces and light columns.


    As a major sub-contract partner for the design and construction Joint Venture between Hansen Yuncken and Leighton Contractors, the National Nilsen Group of Companies delivered on a contract valued in excess of $170 million over 5 years, for the provision of electrical and integrated communication services ‐ including high and low voltage reticulation, light, power and communication services all supported with critical power generation and UPS backup.

    Since its conception in 2006, the SA Public Private Partnership had the ambitious goal of delivering state-of-the-art, patient-centred care facilities and amenities, of which lighting is a fundamental element.

    To fully utilise natural light sources, while maintaining a balanced light level across areas as required by the various functions and operations; office areas, clinical, nurses stations, passageways, day/ICU/recovery/mental health patient rooms, procedural rooms and cyanosis. With a programmable and adjustable system to allow for functional and physical changes across the site.

    In addition, the Project Team needed to ensure the lighting contributed to the achievement of a Green Star energy rating. 


    The electrical and integrated communication services play a fundamental role in the successful operation of the new RAH. The team has worked together to determine the most efficient design solution which has added significant value throughout the design development phase.”

    Chris Pratt, Development Director - HYLC Joint Venture


    The Nilsen/Philips new RAH project team took a holistic approach to the lighting requirements of the facility. Understanding the varying needs of the services delivered onsite, the team selected EnvisionManager software offering flexible control and monitoring capabilities for the Philips Dynalite system.


    Taking the complex nature of the project into consideration, the Project Team delivered a connected lighting management solution that controls 50,000 DALI light fittings and an additional 10,000 emergency fittings spanning 170,000m2. EnvisionManager controls all lighting functions while also providing graphical feedback and system wide monitoring, including fully automated schedules and exit/emergency testing, plus background status tracking/logging of individual light fittings.


    The Project Team worked collaboratively throughout the entire design process to deliver a lighting solution that responded to the new RAH’s goal of providing best in class patient care. This included bespoke user interface panels designed to limit the exposure to and spread of bacteria.


    The designs inherent flexibility allows for the changing demands on the hospital and has helped in delivering a 40% reduction in CO2 emissions.


    Lighting control building blocks


    • 60,000+ DALI controlled general luminaires
    • 8,000+ DALI controlled exit/emergency luminaires
    • 155+km of Dynet cabling
    • 15,000+ programmable Dynalite devices
    • 1,266 DDBC120-DALI controllers
    • 3,387 PABPA-WW-L AuntumbraButton Panels
    • 7,383 Sensors (combination DUS804C, DUS704C, DUS704W-MB, DUS804C-UP, DUS804C-DALI- MM, DUS704W-LR, DUS90-WHB)
    • 108 DPN Panels
    • 29 DDRC420FR relay controllers
    • 17 EnvisionGateways
    • 311 DDNG485 RS485 DyNet Network Gateway
    • 151 DDNI485 Network Isolator
    • 424 DDNP1501 Dynalite Network Power Supply

    Project team


    Client: South Australian Government

    Design and Construction Joint Venture: Hansen Yuncken and Leighton Contractors

    Electrical and Communications sub-contract: Nilsen SA

    Certified Value Added Partner: Nilsen Networks