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    19th Century Cairo Beautification - Cairo, Egypt



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    The Master Plan for Historical Downtown – Guadalajara
    The Master Plan for Historical Downtown – Guadalajara

    Project objectives

    • First Phase was replacing the old Sodium & Metal halide installed in Opera with new LED RGB to provide modern, dynamic and energy saving solution.
    • Different culture events are hosted each day in the Opera house which needs different look for each event.
    • The feedback in media after finishing the opera house project helped a lot when renovating the oldest bridge in Cairo has started.

    Cairo Opera House

    Technical Configuration

    • Design of the 3 main buildings of the Opera House with keeping the historic look of the building which was very well known to all Cairo residents.
    • Design of the bridge was presented to Cairo Governor with three solutions to choose from.
    • Opera House: 108 Vaya flood RGB distributed as per the application with different beam angles and lumen package.
    • Using the same power network and adding a complete data network was the biggest challenge.
    • Qasr ElNil bridge: Mix of PCK products were used for wall washing, accent lighting and flood lights.
    • 288 Vaya Flood, 56 Blast, 22 Burst and 32 graze were used to cover all the figures of the bridge including the famous obelisks and lion statues in the entrance and exit of the bridge.
    • The challenge in this project was the difficulties in reaching parts of the bridge which was very high above the river, while closing the bridge was not allowed.

    Qasr ElNil