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    Master Light Service


    Galeria Kazimierz – Kraków, Poland



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    The Master Plan for Historical Downtown – Guadalajara
    The Master Plan for Historical Downtown – Guadalajara

    Kazimierz, the historical Kraków’s district was the international capital of the Jewish culture before WWII. After the war the district, ruined socially, gained a notorious reputation. Fortunately, since 1989 Kazimierz has been gradually regaining its former glory, becoming one of the biggest tourist landmarks of Kraków. It is teeming with cultural and social life 24/7.
    Galeria Kazimierz is a shopping mall, one of the largest in Kraków, 40 000 m2, 150 stores of most fashionable Polish and international brands. Apart from being a fashion Center, the mall hosts a movie theatre, a food-court and many other facilities, creating the atmosphere of a spot vibrant with life until late evening hours. The building itself combines modern architecture with the remnants of 19th-century walls made of red bricks. The project involved modernization of the existing lighting system as an element of entire mall’s renovation. The investor wanted the modernized lighting system to form an inherent element of Galeria Kazimierz’s image. The works covered the external illumination, mall’s interiors, parking lot and administrative areas. Conventional solutions were replaced with modern and energy-efficient Philips luminaires. The project involved all kinds of tasks – from general illumination, through accent and decorative lighting, to emergency and evacuation lighting.

    • Over 6000 LED luminaires were installed to replace the previous system.
    • Indoor lighting : LuxSpace, iColor, StyliD
    • Outdoor lighting : ColorGraze, ColorReach

    Objectives of the lighting designer and end-user

    • To create lighting encouraging customers to make shopping decisions
    • To change the mall’s image, while at the same time to reflect the place’s historical and mercantile nature
    • To reduce energy consumption costs by 70% comparing with the previous system
    • To reduce carbon dioxide emission
    • To assure the highest colour rendering index
    • To introduce dynamic illumination for the exterior as an element of the restoration process covering the areas around the mall and encourage people to spend more time outside – at Vistula river bank and in nearby walking areas.
    • The system to be controlled either remotely or from a special panel integrated with the existing building management system. GSM and Wi-Fi networks allow the investors to control lighting from a smartphone, laptop or PC while being anywhere in the world.
    • The payback period – 18 months


    Project team

    Value Added Partner:
    Master Light Service
    General Constructor: CBRE Global
    Sub-contractor: Tebodin
    Architects and design office: Meblodom

    End user: Shopping Mall Galaria Kazimierz

    Installation date: November 2016