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    Gemini Lighting Solutions Ltd


    Mathematics: The Winton Gallery, Science Museum – Kensington, London



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    The Master Plan for Historical Downtown – Guadalajara
    The Master Plan for Historical Downtown – Guadalajara
    Gemini Lighting Solutions Ltd

    The background
    The Mathematics Gallery is the first UK project by world renowned Zaha Hadid Architects since the firm’s figurehead passed away. The gallery was created to host over 100 objects from the museum's science, technology, engineering and mathematics collections. These objects show how mathematics impacts the world, from trade to travel and architectural form.

    The centerpiece of the gallery is a 1929 Handley Page Gugnunc aircraft suspended from the ceiling. Huge three-dimensional curls form a canopy over the space, based on the air flows that would have surrounded the aircraft in flight.

    The brief

    Our unique relationship with the Science Museum allowed us to be involved from the initial design stage of this new project. Gemini Lighting Solutions attended design meetings with M&E consultant Arup to discuss lighting concepts and control philosophies. With such an unusual space and a variety of lighting styles it was important that the lighting controls were versatile and able to seamlessly work together as part of a networked system. Quality and reliability are also key factors for a high-profile installation such as this, so the Philips Dynalite range of products were an ideal fit for the client. 

    Gemini Lighting Solutions Ltd

    The solution
    By using Philips Dynalite’s DALI addressable solution we could control all the luminaires within the Gallery individually and group them into bespoke areas to give the client maximum flexibility to achieve the look they desired and change it to suit their needs in the future.

    Gemini Lighting Solutions worked closely with the Electrical Contractor to advise them of the concept and lighting brief to ensure the installation and commissioning ran smoothly together.  Gemini handled the specification, delivery and project management of the lighting controls, through to the final commissioning and handover of the project to the client.

    The benefits
    By utilizing the experience and knowledge of Gemini Lighting Solutions within their design process, the project team could specify the cutting-edge technology most suited to this application. With over 20 years of lighting controls expertise at their disposal, Gemini could help the Science Museum exceed its goals to provide a unique, stylish, enjoyable, and educational experience within the Mathematics Gallery.