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    Forman Associates


    UCLA health training center – Los Angeles, USA



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    The Master Plan for Historical Downtown – Guadalajara
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    Project Overview

    The UCLA Health Training Center is the new training center for the Los Angeles Lakers Basketball team.

    This state of the art facility features:

    • Team Corporate Offices

    • Physical training and care facilities

    • Two Practice Courts

    • Team meeting and game review spaces


    Design Objectives

    Lighting Controls: Provide state of the art lighting controls to meet the aesthetic needs of the facility and the complex requirements of California’s strict energy code.

    Color Kinetics: Create Visual interest and drama to the façade of the building with emphasis on both UCLA and LA Lakers team colors.

    Philips Entertainment: Philips Entertainment luminaires were used to provide Studio quality television lighting for the press and interview studios in cooperation with the team’s official broadcast team.



    The California energy code requires that all lighting be dimmable and where appropriate be controlled by a combination of vacancy sensors, occupancy sensors, local controls and photocells. All lighting in the building is under control of the Dynalite network. The system also manages the scheduling of all exterior and color effect lighting. Acceptance testing alone took 3 days after the system was started.

    The design team consisting of the lighting designer and the electrical engineers demanded a great deal more than just sensors and switches in that they also wanted to integrate the systems sensors into the HVAC systems to optimize energy efficiency by adjusting air conditioning when spaces were empty. The system also needed to respond to power demand reduction requests from the utility. In addition to

    standard lighting the code also requires control of plug loads in all office spaces with power receptacles split between constant power for computers and switched power for desk lamps and computer monitors. Operating hours for the building were 8:00AM to 8:00PM requiring two sets of programming for day light hours versus night time hours and specific control over daylighting zones to maintain light


    The lighting system was designed to accommodate all of these standard lighting and control requirements. In addition to all of the interior lighting controls our central system also manages sunset to sunrise lighting control for the exterior lighting which includes:

    • Site Lighting for parking lots
    • Area lighting of walkways
    • Lakers Sign lighting on the roof (Dimming 68 eW Color Kinetics Graze)
    • Color Changing Façade Lighting


    The Color changing fixtures are controlled by a Color Kinetics iPlayer 3 that is triggered by the Dynalite system to play different shows scheduled from the system calendar. Individual Metal Panels create the embossed look of the branding on the outside of the building and 279 Color Kinetics Color Graze one foot luminaires were placed to up light the panels. Both fixed and dynamic looks were created by working with the lighting designer on the project. We were fortunate that the RGB values for both the UCLA and the Lakers team colors were available on the internet as they provided us with a jumping off point to get the team colors visually correct.


    The iPlayer allowed us to create a series of looks for the building to show Home and Away games, seasonal lighting plus a mix of fixed and dynamic effects. The central system then triggers the shows


    The last role Philips had with this project was to provide broadcast lighting in two areas – an interview room and a press conference facility. Both spaces had relatively low ceilings and limited power availability. Standard Television lighting products where be too hot and too load intensive for the space. We worked with the broadcast consultant and the lighting designer to select Philips Entertainment PL1 series luminaires to solve this challenge. These DMX controlled fixtures were connected to the Dynalite system to provide both color and intensity control.



    The Los Angeles Lakers are one of the most valuable franchises in professional sports and they were building a new facility that needed to meet their unique requirements. They charged their design team with creating a building that would show case their organization.

    Often when designing systems that meet energy codes the results leave the users of the building out of the equation in the name of energy efficiency. Lighting is either switched on or off abruptly, lighting levels are too low or uneven and visually just do not look right. The lighting designer and his client wanted something better than that.

    As a result, great care was taken over everything from fixture choice to balancing light levels were treated holistically to create something that the building users would find natural. Lighting changes are subtle with longer fade times to insure there are no distractions. Even sensor layout in the ceilings was coordinated to ensure that everything that went into the ceiling from Fire alarm and exit signs to luminaires lined up. To insure success, we worked with the entire construction team with over 30 coordination and mock up meetings. Buildings like this are becoming common practice and we combined local support with Philips to create a great project.


    Project team


    Designer: Kaplan Gehring McCarroll Architectural Lighting – John Martin

    Engineer: SSR – Smith Seckman Reed

    Electrical Contractor: Apollo Electric

    General Contractor: Morley Construction

    Owner: Los Angeles Lakers Basketball