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    Vente – Privee building – Paris, France 



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    The Master Plan for Historical Downtown – Guadalajara
    The Master Plan for Historical Downtown – Guadalajara
    Facing the Stade de France and bordering the banks of the Seine, the artistic dynamic lighting façade of the new building for French e-commerce company vente-privee, Le Vérone, is the work of Pucci De Rossi, a renowned Italian designer and artist.


    The most difficult part was to find the right luminaires for the starlight effect, since we could not pierce the latticework.''

    Cyril Tristani, lighting engineer

    Jacques-Antoine Granjon, CEO and founder of vente-privee, wanted to have lighting that could illuminate both the building and the artwork. 


    Like a beacon on the outskirts of the capital that welcomes its visitors, Le Vérone, restored by architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte, is distinguished by its fiber-reinforced concrete latticework facade. This LED lighting sculpture was installed at 1m in front of the east façade of the building. Technical design was by engineering consultants Guillaume Lamoureux and Romain Ricciotti, who created 87 tailor-made modules, supported by diagonal metal braces.


    Cyril Tristani, from D’enco, lighting engineer solution consists of flexible strands of large, high-intensity, full-color Color Kinetics iColor Flex LMX gen2 designed for extraordinary effects without the constraints of fixture size, shape, or space. The flexible form accommodates two- and three-dimensional configurations, while the high light output affords superior long-distance viewing for architectural accent and perimeter lighting, large-scale signage, and building-covering video displays. Altogether, 1950 LED nodes illuminate the façade.


    For the wallwashing effect, D’Enco chose ColorReach Compact Powercore projectors. All the RGB luminaires are addressable to offer a large choice of colors and dynamic effects. With the design concept settled, the real challenges began: connectivity, program and implementation of the luminaires.


    Flavien Simon, Citeos, a Philips certified value added partner and Richard Brousse, a lighting application specialist with Philips Lighting, installed the luminaires and created a scheme dedicated to the programming of lighting scenes. Using Pharos software and Kinet protocol, they worked on each node and each projector, in order to obtain all the color changes and intensity variations for the desired scenarios. The dynamic lighting combined with the screen and the depth of the latticework, forms an invitation to discussion, a hymn to art and to creation at the gates of the Paris.

    The team


    Artist: Pucci de Rossi

    Architect: Jean-Michel Wilmotte

    Lighting engineer: D’enco, Cyril Tristani 
    Certified value added partner: Citeos