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    Tunjungan Plaza 5 & The Peak – Surabaya, Indonesia 

    The Master Plan for Historical Downtown – Guadalajara
    The Master Plan for Historical Downtown – Guadalajara

    The integration of shopping mall complex and exclusive apartment at the heart of Surabaya city, Indonesia.


    The lighting designer Litac Consultant and the end-customer (Pakuwon Group) want this building as the center of interest and stand out from the other high-rise building at Surabaya. In the end, they want this building to become a new landmark for Surabaya city, especially at night.  


    • LocationSurabaya, East Java, Indonesia


    • Installation dateAround 2016 and now still continue with Tunjungan Plaza 6.


    • Impact on the end-customer: They happy and satisfied with the result and then decided to continue with Tunjungan Plaza 6 façade lighting (on progress)