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    You only have eyes for the very latest in innovative technology? If it’s not cutting-edge, you cut it out of your “to buy” list. We understand. That’s why we offer the Philips Interact Pro. The innovative software seamlessly works with Philips Interact Ready LED luminaries and offers installers a secure and profitable transition to connected lighting. And that’s something every innovation aficionado can look forward to.

    Ready for the future

    Future ready means Interact Ready

    With Philips Interact Ready and Interact Pro, you have all the innovative solutions your need to provide your customers with jaw-dropping lighting technology. Have a look and get inspired!

    Scratch your head or  stay ahead?

    Get access to even more innovation, insight and exclusive information at our Lighting University. We’ve saved a seat for you.


    View cases - get inspired

    Looking for information inspiration or both. Our case studies are there to help with easy, hands-on examples.
    Sedgemoor District Council

    Brightening up days at the office

    Find out how commercial lighting is making a better workspace at Sedgemoor District Council
    Bosch office lighting

    Supporting global environmental efforts

    Find out how Bosch is using office lighting to create a productive work atmosphere and save energy.
    EON Spain

    E.ON Spain  

    Find out how E.ON Spain is leading the way in the energy conservation through LED Lighting

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