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    High-quality white and dynamic color, in one smart luminaire


    The previous posts in this series discussed two technologies that have made color consistency in large-scale lighting installations easier to achieve: Optibin™, Color Kinetics' smart binning process, and Chromasync, which algorithmically adjusts each luminaire’s gamut to ensure that it’s hitting the same one as its peers in any installation.

    The third component in Color Kinetics’ suite of products is IntelliHue™, available as an option in most Color Kinetics form functions. This color control technology allows a single luminaire to deliver at once millions of saturated colors and pastels – and high-quality tunable white light. That dual capability simplifies lighting installations – not to mention slashes installation and maintenance costs.

    A world of lighting opportunities

    The range of effects that IntelliHue allows a lighting professional is startling.


    The facades that define a city square, for instance, might require white light on weeknights and color on weekend evenings, when the square transforms itself into an outdoor concert venue. IntelliHue gives city managers the ability to do both. Indoors, IntelliHue can match the CCT and hue of other lighting technologies in a space, and can be used for event lighting.

    No loss in quality

    Crucially, IntelliHue offers these capabilities without sacrificing quality.


    IntelliHue achieves Color Rendering Index (CRI) scores of 80 and up – scores higher than those of comparable RGBA and RGBW luminaires that don’t offer dual capabilities. (A CRI of 80 or higher, professionals will know, is an important benchmark for a wide range of lighting implementations, such as those in restaurants, high-end retail spaces, and other interiors.)


    In addition, IntelliHue’s precision is unparalleled, with color variations that are virtually imperceptible – registering at less than two MacAdam’s ellipses from fixture to fixture, from manufacturing run to manufacturing run.


    Finally, IntelliHue provides unprecedented output/flux when compared to RGBW or RGBA luminaires, which means that a lighting professional won’t have to worry if he or she will have sufficient power to illuminate, say, a dramatic bridge in the manner it deserves.

    The richness of red

    IntelliHue offers exceedingly natural red rendering, with an R9 value of greater than 80 – higher than white LED or fluorescent lighting, and closer to the R9 values offered by the ceramic metal halide and halogen lights often used in retail. (The higher the R9 value, the more accurate the representation of the color in question.) This higher R9 value makes IntelliHue appropriate for a range of applications, in retail and beyond, because saturated red light gives objects a vibrancy and richness of color ideal for spaces where ambience is important.


    Whether the color in question is deep red, brilliant white, or anything else along the spectrum, more installations these days, from the Bay Lights in San Francisco, to the River Lights in the Rock project in Little Rock, AR, to the Gateway Community College Faces project in New Haven, CT are demanding lighting of unprecedented quality. IntelliHue, in concert with Optibin and Chromasync, delivers no-compromises light with precision control, for maximum convenience on the part of lighting professionals and maximum pleasure on the part of the public.