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    UV-C object and equipment disinfection

    Philips UVC chamber GCGM-byd
    Ideal for instant disinfection of objects and (shared) devices, UV-C chambers inactivate the majority of viruses in a matter of minutes. Typical usage includes disinfection of shared objects such as headsets, handheld scanners and devices, and even returned clothing in retail stores.  We offer various sizes of UV-C chambers to cater for small and larger objects.
    Philips BioShift UV-C disinfection chamber

    Philips BioShift UV-C disinfection chamber

    Available end of 2020

    The Philips BioShift UV-C disinfection chamber is for chemical-free disinfection of objects and (shared) devices. It has been validated on mechanical safety and germicidal effectiveness by independent scientific research agency TNO. It has been proven to inactivate 99.9999% of theSARS-COV-2 virus that causes COVID-19, within 1 minute. The BioShift chamber will be available in 2 versions: large (600 mm H x 585 mm L x 750 mm W) and extra large (1828 mm H x 1180 mm L x 762 mm W).
    Philips UV-C disinfection chamber

    Philips UV-C disinfection chamber

    Available in Asia now

    This UV-C disinfection chamber is used for disinfection of objects for professional use. It’s available in three variants small (77 liters), medium (110 liters), large (323 liters)  and it can be used for objects and (shared) devices in pharmacies, shops, schools, universities, offices, mail rooms, reception areas, banks, barber shops, spas, restaurants and industrial kitchens.  

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    A word of caution

    UV-C lamps present minimum risk when used by professionals who know how to use them. They must shield their eyes and skin to avoid light damage and severe injuries to the eyes and skin. We advise customers to exercise caution when selecting equipment and look for evidence of third party testing as well as certification of device materials and electrical components by well-known organizations such as NSF, UL, CSA, DVGW-OVGW or other international requirements as applicable.

    At this moment, none of our UV-C lamps are certified or approved under any applicable laws as a medical device and as such, Signify and/or any of its group companies do not currently intend for them to be used as medical devices anywhere in the world. Plants and/or materials that are exposed to higher dosages of UV-C may become damaged and/or discolored.