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    UV-C air disinfection

    Air disinfection

    Philips Lighting UV-C disinfection upper air video

    UV-C is used for air disinfection in virtually every application, because there are always situations where microorganisms in the air can cause a problem and make people ill. For example in offices and schools, public transportation, entertainment venues, but also in the food processing- and agricultural industry. Airborne microorganisms can easily and effectively be inactivated by UV-C light.


    Our Philips UV-C disinfection upper air wall mount luminaires inactivated 99.99% of SARS-COV-2, the virus responsible for the COVID-19 disease, in the air of a room within 10 minutes. At 20 minutes, the virus was below detectable levels.1 Please find here the Innovative Bioanalysis report for more information on the results of UV-C disinfection in air.

    Upper air systems image

    Upper air luminaires

    In rooms where people are present, upper air UV-C disinfection luminaires can be installed to continuously disinfect air. These systems are usually installed at a height of above 2,4 m. By making use of parabolic reflectors, and non-reflective lamellas, the UVGI can be concentrated in a zone. In this zone a high intensity UV-C is realized without having too high intensities below 2,0 m. Because of the presence of natural or mechanical ventilation in the room, the contaminated room-air will pass through the UV-C zone and thus will be disinfected. Our Philips UV-C disinfection upper air luminaires inactivate up to 99.9% of virus Coliphage φX1742 in air within 10 minutes in a room with sufficient air circulation.2  Please find here the Intertek report for more information on the results of UV-C disinfection in air.
    Open UV systems image

    Open UV luminaires

    By installing open UV-C disinfection fixtures on walls or ceilings, the entire volume of air and the airborne microorganisms are directly exposed to high intensities of UV-C light. As a result, strong reduction in the number of microorganisms is achieved very quickly. An additional advantage is that directly exposed surfaces are also disinfected. In this form of air disinfection, no people or animals can be present without protective measures.
    Air conditioning systems image

    Air conditioning systems

    In air conditioning systems, high output(HO) UV lamps will keep the cooling coil free from biofilm. Combined with photocatalytic oxidation they can also removes VCOs such as odors. Depending on the size of your system, this will require up to 150W of power in commercial applications, or up to 25W in residential applications.
    Other applications image

    A wide range of applications

    Air disinfection can play an important role in a broad range of applications such as hospitals, schools, offices, industry, (food) retail and museums.

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    UV-C disinfection services


    The effectiveness and correct usage of a UV-C solution starts with the right application design. Building on 35 years of experience in UV-C products and applications, we provide UV-C services throughout the different phases in the project cycle including design, project management, regular check ups and maintenance. Check our Signify company website for more information about our services for UV-C disinfection.

    Desinfection services

    A word of caution

    UV-C lighting presents minimum risk when used in the correct way. Direct exposure to UV-C is dangerous. The lighting must always be installed with adequate shields and safeguards (such as presence detection sensors or timers) to avoid light damage and severe injuries to the eyes and skin. The UV-C disinfection luminaires we provide without such safeguards are intended only to be used as components in disinfection systems that contain any safeguards indicated, but not limited to, those specified in mounting instructions and user manuals.

    Philips UV-C disinfection luminaires must only be sold by Signify or through qualified partners and installed by qualified professionals according to our stringent safety and legal requirements.

    None of our UV-C lamps are certified or approved as a medical device anywhere in the world and should not be used as such. They should never be used in applications or activities that may cause and/or lead to death, personal injury and/or damage to the environment. Plants and/or materials that are exposed to higher dosages of UV-C may become damaged and/or discolored.

    1. According to results obtained from a laboratory test conducted by Innovative Bioanalysis, a CAP, CLIA, AABB Certified Safety Reference Laboratory, in a room with sufficient air circulation. For more information, please refer to the Innovative Bioanalysis report available as download in the link. ​
    2. Results obtained from a laboratory test conducted by Intertek, a leading worldwide quality assurance services provider. For more information, please refer to Intertek’s test report available as download in the link.