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    Seeing is believing; visualize your dream city


    We understand that seeing is believing, and when it comes to illuminating commercial and residential areas, you want to imagine how it will look. Now you can, with our on-line tools that help you configure the look and functionality of the luminaires, and then visualize how they contribute to your dream city.

    Tools to visualize your dream projects

    Render the image of your city using our lighting with the Render tool
    Design your complete set with the Light set creator

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    3D Outdoor luminaire files library


    Want to visualize your outdoor project and create a 3D rendering using  our luminaires?  Download the latest 3D .dwg files from our 3D library, upload them in your software and see the result!

    Outdoor Lighting Application Center


    The OLAC is an interactive  demonstration center that shows you what can be achieved in outdoor applications with lighting!  At OLAC you can see different LED innovations and luminaire combinations,  and can learn how lighting can help increase safety, improve livability and be integrated with other infrastructures. 

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